Your Pick of the Best Travel Outfits This Summer.

They say that there should be pleasure in the travel, not just the arrival and this is something that may be on many people’s minds as summer approaches.

But making your journey a pleasant experience isn’t always easy – airport security, flight delays and even your fellow passengers can see to that. One thing that you will have control over, however, is the outfit you choose to wear on your travels. Admittedly, it won’t have any effect over the elements of travel that can be annoying and frustrating, but at least you’ll feel comfortable as you confront them.

On your way to the vacation

Let’s kick off with some travel ideas for men. Obviously the choices, as in the majority of fashions, are more limited than for women – but you can still make sure that you’ll be as comfortable as possible.

Starting with a base layer for your top, a cotton t-shirt makes for a good choice, as long as it’s reasonably loose-fitting. That’s because you can layer over it depending on the temperature as you set off, and de-layer once you land in the heat of your destination.

Take a jacket with you too. Not only is this a practical extra layer, but those pockets will also come in handy for keeping documents like passports and boarding passes close at hand.

Jeans are a good choice of trouser for a shorter-haul flight. But if you’re heading further afield, looser, softer trousers like chinos would be a better choice. For total comfort you could also get on to the loungewear trend, especially now it’s gone luxury.  So maybe choose some tailored track pants.

If you really want to get into the holiday mood before you even take off, there’s also always the option of the 2 piece short set. You’ll be able to hit the ground running when you arrive in one of these fun and colourful outfits.

For her

Loungewear also makes for a great choice for women travellers wanting to stay comfortable and warm on flights of any length. But perhaps style is going to be a more important consideration than out and out comfort.

The good news is that the world’s your oyster in this respect. Just like for men, jeans and a t-shirt is a good place to start and you can also add a statement jacket for that all-important extra layer.

Then there’s the option of a right on-trend jumpsuit that’s as comfortable as wearing a onesie or pair of pyjamas, but a whole lot more stylish. Combine it with a classic denim jacket and you’re 100% good to go.

On the other hand, if you want to dress in the vacation style from the start, then a light and floaty dress will look great, but remember to have a cardigan to hand too as the temperature on planes tends to be a little unpredictable to say the least.

In terms of what to wear on your feet, flats and ballet pump style shoes are always going to be a better choice than heels. Save these for when you arrive. Also, tight-fitting shoes are to be avoided as swelling feet is just one of the physical effects of air travel.

Homeward bound.

When you’re packing, remember that you’ve also got to head home at the end of the vacation – and make sure that you’ve the right clothes for this too.

After a week or so of lounging by the pool or seeing the sights it can be easy to forget that you might be landing back in much cooler temperatures.

So the return flight really is the time to have plenty of extra layers to put on after disembarking from the plane. Even the walk from the aircraft back into the terminal building can be quite a bad shock if you’re not covered up for it.

And don’t worry. There will be time enough to show off your tan to friends and family before it fades away for another year.

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