Top 5 Fat Grafting Myths You Should Dispel

Decreased facial volume due to aging and other factors can be effectively improved through facial fat grafting. The treatment involves harvesting fat from areas with excess fat deposits, like the tummy, thighs, and flank areas. The cosmetic plastic surgeon Toronto recommends that the treatment helps raise your eyebrows, shape your nose, enhance your chin and cheekbones, fill nasolabial folds, and rejuvenate your skin. However, several misconceptions crop up in casual conversations and exist online, so it is crucial to get the facts. Check out the following common myths you should never believe.

Use of a Donor

It is not true that a donor can be used for facial fat grafting. Understand that everyone’s fat is unique to their body, and only your fat can be used for grafting. Using someone else’s fat can limit the effectiveness of the treatment or cause complications. Your body is designed to reject any foreign material and can immediately reject donated fat. You cannot even borrow fat from your close relatives or anyone with a similar blood group. It is as simple as saying that you cannot use another person’s fat tissues for facial fat grafting.

Lumping is Possible

Fat grafting does not cause lumps, as you might have heard or read somewhere. Your doctor designs your treatment based on your unique need and does the right calculations beforehand. The amount of fat tissue injected in the treatment area is aimed only at adding volume and correcting the imperfections present. Working with qualified practitioners helps you avoid complications and any lumps. Your provider will know the amount of fat tissue needed to deliver amazing and natural-looking results.

You Look Fat

Some information claims that fat grafting can make you look fat, which is not true. As mentioned earlier, your qualified provider makes proper calculations to deliver natural results. The amount of fat tissue injected in the treatment area only improves the volume to the natural level and does not overdo it. Only the lost glow from aging is restored to rejuvenate your overall appearance. Your doctor will ensure you have a consultation appointment before the treatment to help you understand your goals and help you set reasonable expectations.

The Results Fade Away Soon

One truth about facial grafting is that the results are long-lasting. Remember that you will be injected with fat cells, which grow naturally with your existing fat. However, remember that the procedure’s success depends on your provider’s experience. If the process is not done right, the fat cells can die off soon or cause complications. The first 48 hours of the fat transfer are crucial, and you must do everything right as instructed by your doctor to ensure the fat cells survive. Then you can enjoy better results when the cells establish their blood vessels.

It is Costly

A facial fat grafting will cost you, but it is a worthwhile investment considering the benefits. However, it is less expensive compared to other cosmetic procedures. Making proper financial plans is critical to ensure you are well prepared for the treatment. Understand that differences can charge differently, and you better confirm with your doctor first. All in all, facial fat grafting is affordable.

Fat grafting can improve your facial volume and reverse some aging signs. Get in touch with the TMB Cosmetic Surgery specialists if you think you can gain from the treatment. Make a call or request your consultation appointment online.

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