How Can Lifestyle Changes Manage Diabetes?

Learning how to manage your diabetes condition can greatly impact your health so you can live healthily. Suppose you are that diabetes patient, Pompeyo C Chavez MD has different management techniques you can learn to incorporate into your daily life. They can include regular exercise and aerobics to strengthen your muscles and ensure your insulin works effectively. You can work out a suitable exercise plan with your doctor, who may recommend the right amount of exercise for you.

Healthy Diet

Certain foods may affect your blood sugar levels. Therefore, you may need to know what to consume and how to combine them. First, you should know about the carbohydrate levels in your meal and portion it correctly. The right amount means you will administer the right amount of insulin, especially for mealtime insulin. Second, ensure you eat a balanced meal. Combine vitamins, starch, and fats as much as you can. You can also learn how to coordinate your medications and meal to avoid interfering with your sugar levels.


You can maintain a regular exercise schedule so your body can utilize insulin well. Your doctor may recommend a good balance of exercise to help strengthen your muscles. During exercise, stay hydrated. You can carry a snack just in case you may experience a drop in sugar levels. Keep a record of your blood sugar levels before and after treatment, and stay alert for any signs of weakness and lightheadedness.


Your doctor may prescribe diabetes medications, including insulin, to lower blood sugar levels. However, you must take the medications correctly and in the right dose to work effectively. You must also store your medications away from extreme temperatures to maintain their effectiveness. Before you consider new medications, talk to your doctor to determine if it affects your blood sugar levels.

Stress Management

Stress may cause your body to produce hormones that increase blood sugar levels. Therefore, you should learn to take control of your stress by applying relaxation techniques like exercise to relieve stress. You can also seek counseling services that may help you cope with stress and help you identify the causative factors. Identify stress patterns every time you check your blood sugar levels. Staying in the know can help you learn to manage your stress levels so you can plan accordingly.

Alcohol Intake

There are levels of alcohol consumption that may aggravate your diabetes condition. Therefore, your doctor may recommend moderate consumption if your doctor consents. However, you should avoid consuming alcoholic content on an empty stomach. You should look for drinks with fewer carbohydrates and calories, such as light beer. After consuming alcohol, you should track your blood sugar levels before you sleep. Keep track of your calories when recording your calorie count every day. Discuss with your doctor how you can mix alcohol into your diet.

You can get more guidelines on managing diabetes at Pompeyo C Chavez, MD. You will find a team of medical professionals who will teach you how to track your sugar levels. You can also receive tips on healthy practices and how to maintain them. Visit the website to make your appointment today. You can also call the facility.

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