The Benefits of Epigenetics

A beautiful smile uplifts your spirit, but most people are born with an imperfect smile. Although you could explore treatments like braces and dermal fillers to correct dental issues, you could opt for Commack Epigenetics. The orthodontic treatment uses your genes during the treatment and will modify, attenuate and change the physical location of the teeth in the mouth. Thus it promotes better teeth alignment without damaging the airways and the jaws.  The dentist will use oral devices which restart the craniofacial development in adults and children. These are the benefits of epigenetic orthodontic treatments.

Epigenetics Orthodontic Devices Expand the Jaws and Dental Arches

The epigenetic devices are DNA expansion devices that restart craniofacial development even in adulthood. These appliances resemble traditional retainers or mouthguards and will fit snugly into your mouth. The devices will be customized to suit, and you can wear them day and night to increase efficiency. The appliances will alter your oral area, moving the teeth around the teeth while keeping the airways open and maintaining the jaw in the precise position.

It Treats Sleep Apnea

You can treat sleep apnea with epigenetic orthodontics as they move the tissues and teeth around the mouth. Sleep apnea may occur if you have excess tissues at the back of the mouth. The tongue may also block the airways if it moves back into the throat when you sleep. Therefore wearing oral appliances might prevent the tongue from moving back into the throat. However, since the appliances correct the DNA structure, eliminating the excess tissues and keeping the tongue in the right position at night. It will unlock the genetic potential of the oral area, thus eliminating snoring and sleep apnea.

It Eliminates Headaches and Migraines

You might develop headaches if you experience teeth grinding at night as teeth grinding. Grinding the teeth exerts pressure on the jaws leading to headaches. However, epigenetic orthodontics creates a buffer between the upper and the lower jaw, preventing teeth from grinding. Thus, it may eliminate the headaches which occur due to teeth grinding and prevent the loss of enamel due to friction. Moreover, teeth grinding might make you wake up frequently, leading to poor sleep quality and lack of alertness during the day.

It Straightens the Teeth

Epigenetic orthodontics will straighten the teeth as they move the position of the teeth in the mouth. You may choose to wear the oral appliances during the day and at night to get the best results from the oral appliance. The traditional braces might cause pain as it exerts pressure on the teeth and the jawbones. However, the epigenetic will move the teeth by changing the oral DNAs making it possible to straighten the teeth.

You can change the oral DNA with epigenetic orthodontics making it easy to move the teeth position in the mouth. Dental appliances are among the innovations which can alter your oral DNA, making it possible to achieve cosmetic changes that suit your facial structures without surgery. The appliances will deal with sleep apnea by eliminating the excess tissues at the back of the mouth and preventing the tongue from moving into the airways. Moreover, it prevents teeth from grinding at night by preventing the upper jaw and the lower jaws from touching, thus eliminating migraine.

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