Mastering the Art of Time Management

When it comes to time management, many people have dealt with the effects of not having the right skills. 

No one wakes up with the desire to waste away their day. You wake up optimistic and hopeful that you have a fruitful day. You will perform at work and meet deadlines; you will go to the gym, come home, and make a good healthy meal. But life happens, and things do not work out as planned. You go to work late, experience traffic. By the time you are getting to work, you are already angry and frustrated. Sometimes it is a task that you have been pushing forward. In all this, you realize that you need to manage your time and redeem the time you lost. 

Well, this is possible if you have proper time management skills. Instead of your time managing you, you need to manage it. These are a few tips by to get you started: 

  • Know how you are spending your time currently 

Before you can manage your time, you need to figure out where your time goes. You can log in to how you spend your time daily. It will help identify what you can accomplish in a day, where there are time sucks, and identify activities that bring the greatest returns. This audit generally will give you a clear picture of how you spend your time. 

  • Make a daily schedule and follow it.

It is a very crucial step when it comes to managing time. You should not start your day without having a to-do-list. Write your to-do list with the most pressing issues put first. It will allow you to start working as soon as you arrive to work. Try putting everything down on paper. Your subconscious starts working while you sleep. It gives room for new insights in the morning. 

  • Make wise priorities 

When you are writing your to-do list, you must prioritize tasks. You can also master bullet journaling for self development at work. It is key to being successful at time management. Eliminate tasks that you don’t have to do. Then identify the three most important tasks to do and start with those first. It ensures that you have taken care of the essentials. Evaluate the to-do list you have. Ensure that it is arranged on importance rather than urgency. Your goal achievement is based on essential responsibilities.

  • Put tasks that are similar together.

Suppose you want to save time, group tasks that are of one type-together. Deal with these before you move to the next plan. You can create time for answering emails and phone calls. It will make you focus on other things. When the time for communication comes, you can reply to emails, make calls, etc.

  • Avoid multitasking at all costs.

When it comes to time management, this is the simplest tip. Yet, it remains to be the hardest. When working, focus on one task. Block all other distractions. When you attempt multitasking, you decrease your productivity and lose time. You should not also be overwhelmed by a long to-do list. Tackle one task at a time.


Many guidelines can help you when you are dealing with time management. Some other tips include; assigning time limits to tasks, working in buffers, learning to say no, getting organized, and eliminating distractions. Manage your time using the above tips.

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