Areas on the Face That Are Enhanceable With Facial Fillers

Are you tired of facial wrinkles, worsening sagging, protruding cheekbones, under-eye circles, and hollowness? The non-invasive cosmetic beauty upgrades such as facial fillers Oakbrook Terrace have improved steadily and will undoubtedly bring back your youthful, beautiful smooth smiling lines. At Wrinkle Fairy Oakbrook Terrace, we have a dedicated team of aesthetic cosmetic professionals who offer a wide variety of facial fillers and are highly regarded for their expertise in facial rejuvenation. This comprehensive injectable is your best option to revitalize facial transformation. For more insight, here are some areas where facial fillers are inserted on the face.

The Lips

Lip plumping may be one of the most popular uses of face fillers today. Despite the frequent association with over-fillers, lip fillers can be easily customized to enhance the lips’ normal contour without rendering them exaggerated. This procedure on the lip can also help even out the texture by filling in lines around the mouth due to genetics or creation from a common habit like smoking.

Marionette Lines and Nasolabial Folds

Marionettes are wrinkles that run from the edges of the lips to the chin and are also known as elemental folds. These constantly give your face fullness to minimize wrinkles and creases. The treatment makes a person’s face look substantially older, giving them a marionette doll aspect. With fillers, It is simple to fill in wrinkles, which rapidly erase years from the face and give the chin and mouth their former softness.

Facial Scars

Uneven skin tone, deep pockets, and indentations in the skin can all be caused by scars from prior acne outbreaks. The scars can be challenging to get rid of on your own and are common to lower self-esteem for some people. The good news is that face fillers can decrease the impression of blemishes, even out textures, and help restore self-confidence.


The cheeks are another popular area where facial fillers are injected. Cheek fillers work well to raise those sunken areas on the cheeks. Fillers that are skillfully injected can restore volume and revive the youthful appearance of the cheeks without making a face appear bloated or frozen. An additional volume added back into the cheeks helps bring a new you and a youthful face that those around you will live to admire without invasive procedures such as traditional facelift surgery, which requires significant downtime and recovery.


Unlike Botox or Dysport, which temporarily block the muscles of the face that generate facial wrinkles, Forehead fillers can lessen static lines and dynamic wrinkles appearance. They are injected into specific places of concern on the forehead. The injections help by filling the lines with a gel-based compound that is naturally occurring. The hyaluronic acid compound replaces the naturally depleted ones leaving you with a natural look and feel.

Facial fillers are convenient and effective, with results that you can see instantly. You would make a suitable candidate for this great facial treatment because of the universal desire for a smooth, attractive, and supple face. Please don’t hesitate to call or make an online appointment with us at Wrinkle Fairy, Arlington Heights, for your desired facial fillers.

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