Alleviate Menopause Symptoms With Hormone Replacement Therapy

As you age, your hormone levels begin fluctuating, affecting your mental and physical health. You may experience unpleasant symptoms that may interfere with your quality of life. Marina OB/GYN specialists recommend hormone replacement therapy Marina Del Rey to restore your hormone levels and improve your menopause symptoms.

Determining your eligibility for hormone replacement therapy

The ultimate goal of hormone replacement therapy is to restore balance in your hormone levels and alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. The Marina OB/GYN specialists utilize the Pellecome bioidentical hormone treatments, which involve placing tiny pellets under your skin to transmit controlled amounts of hormones into your bloodstream. The team prefers Pellecome over BioTe pellet technology because it guarantees more reliable results, safer insertion, and is easier to use. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses hormones from yams which are technically similar to the hormones your body releases.

During your initial appointment at Marina OB/GYN, your provider discusses your symptoms, reviews your medical history, and performs a thorough physical exam to determine your eligibility. The team may also check your vital signs and use blood tests to assess your hormone levels before individualizing a bioidentical treatment.

Benefits associated with hormone replacement therapy

During menopause, many women struggle with unpleasant symptoms like vaginal dryness, reduced sex drive, night sweats, and hot flashes, which may lower their quality of life. Benefits of Pellecome hormone replacement therapy include reduced vaginal dryness, healthy weight management, thicker hair, higher sex drive, more energy, and a younger-looking appearance. With this treatment, you don’t need to worry about applying creams or taking oral pills. The treatment ensures a steady flow of hormones through your body.

What to expect during a hormone replacement therapy procedure

Your provider may help you lay down on a comfortable exam table during your appointment. The OB/GYN expert numbs the skin around your upper buttocks and places the hormone pellets under your skin. Afterward, the team seals the incision using medical strips. The experts only require 15 minutes to restore your hormone balance, making it easier to transition to the next stage of life.

After the Pellecome treatment, you are free to resume your daily activities. Although one treatment session energizes you, you may need about three sessions for optimal results. Your Marina OB/GYN specialists evaluate your hormone levels regularly to ensure they are in the right range.

Myths about hormone replacement therapy

Despite the benefits of hormone replacement therapy, some misconceptions may discourage you from going for the treatment. One of the myths is that the treatment causes cancer. While receiving an uncontrolled amount of hormones may increase your risk of developing cancer, HRT rarely causes cancer. Another myth is that the treatment is only effective for severe symptoms. You don’t need to wait before your symptoms to become unbearable before seeking treatment. HRT can alleviate your symptoms, helping you continue your daily activities without difficulties. Consult your provider if you are unsure whether to get hormone replacement therapy.

Call the Marina OB/GYN office or book your spot online for more information about hormone replacement therapy.

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