4 Strategies for Using Website Optimizer Tools

In today’s business environment, all enterprises understand the importance of a solid online presence to company operations. However, it’s essential to be visible on the internet to enjoy any actual benefits of a web presence. As such, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a further investment these businesses make to boost their chances of reaching their target audience and enjoying success.

However, ranking high up in Google’s SERP demands having an entire website optimized for best performance. Speed, usability, and mobile-friendliness are some of the core factors that matter to your website visitors’ user experiences. Thankfully, you can boost the performance of your website if you leverage a site optimizer tool properly. Below are four essential strategies worth knowing to use optimizer tools effectively.

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1. Conduct effective keyword research.

Many SEO experts agree that keyword research should be a top priority when optimizing your website. Keywords are one of the main factors determining your ranking, so the right word choices are necessary for your target audience to find your page.

Fortunately, great optimizer tools like the Google Search Console allow you to conduct effective keyword research to stay on top of trends. This way, you can sustain great website traffic since your content will bear all the relevant keywords that influence ranking. However, selecting a comprehensive website optimizer tool to help your site rank higher in search engine results is essential. Experienced SEO experts such as LinkGraph can handle these concerns.

LinkGraph is a New-York based full-service SEO, Web Design, and Digital Marketing Agency specializing in link building, conversion rate optimization, paid media management, and technical SEO. Also, they offer some of the best free SEO tools that help digital marketers and their agencies in numerous ways. For example, their SEO Content Assistant is one of the best free website optimizer tools out there. This solution helps you enhance your website content’s topical depth, quality signals, and relevance to boost your chances of ranking high in SERPs.

Furthermore, you can optimize your blog posts, landing pages, and other content with the correct focus terms, keyword frequency, and on-page elements to outrank competitors for your industry’s leading keywords. What’s more, this free tool’s real-time data analytics and sleek user interface make it the perfect solution for website owners, digital marketing agencies, and content creators.

2. Optimize your website for mobile.

A mobile-first approach is now non-negotiable for businesses because Google primarily uses the mobile version of website content for ranking and indexing. Consequently, use your website optimization tool to test your site’s mobile-friendliness. Many of these tools even offer suggestions on what to do to make your site more mobile-friendly, so you can follow these recommendations for a more responsive mobile website.

3. Check technical SEO metrics.

You can also use your website optimizer tool to perform an SEO audit and discover which technical SEO areas to improve in, so keep this in mind. Therefore, use your tool to scan for and fix status code errors and duplicate meta descriptions and title tags.

Additionally, you can submit your XML sitemap to Google using this tool, fix broken links, and check your website’s indexing to examine and fix any issues if need be.

4. Optimize for speed and user experience (UX).

Website speed affects your rankings significantly, so ensuring that your site loads quickly is crucial. As such, you can leverage tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to identify the problematic elements of your website that are hindering you from optimum speed.

Excess HTTP requests, improperly formatted images, and poor hosting services are some of the common culprits these web optimizer tools bring to light, so you can address these issues to enjoy a faster-loading website.

In summary, optimizer tools are great solutions that anyone with a stake in SEO can use for better outcomes. The points above are four valuable strategies worth knowing to make the most of your website optimizer tool.

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