Xander Budnick Age, Bio, Height, Wiki, Net Worth

Who is Xander Budnick?

Xander Budnick is a 26 years old Canadian YouTube content creator currently living in Toronto. From a very young age he loves camping, canoeing, rock climbing and outdoor bushcraft.  He is popular for making YouTube videos like 900km Canada’s longest and oldest trail running, solo winter camping in deep snowfall, shelter building and whitewater canoeing. His best friend name is Eric. He is also a model in Dreavu. As of 2021, he has an estimated net worth of $450000.

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Education Background

  • He completed his bachelor degree in Media information and Techno culture from university of Western Ontario.

How old is Xander Budnick?

  • He is currently 26 years old.

How Much Money Does Xander Budnick Make on YouTube?

His channel has over 63.8 k subscribers as of 2021 and has gained about 8.4 million views so far. Every month he uploads two to three video on his channel and the subscriber is growing exponentially at the rate of 400 new subscribers every single day. Total upload video generates over 2 million page views per day. Therefore she is earning estimate revenue of $1000 per day ($360000 annually) solely from YouTube ads that run on the video.

As of 2021, he has an estimated net worth of $ 450000.


  1. Xander’s age is 26 years old as of now.
  2. Also, he is a pro model.
  3. Likewise, his best friend name is Eric.
  4. He uploaded his first YouTube videos 12 years ago.
  5. He is a Canadian nationality.

If I have left out any information about Xander Budnick, please do let us know!

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