Why You Share Files with Password Protection


When you want to share files, documents, photos or other types of digital media with just a few people, you can password-protect them. This prevents others from opening the file without the correct password. If you need to share a large number of files at once, consider creating a group that all participants can access. This makes it easy for multiple users to collaborate on the same project and access different versions in one place. You can share file with password protection to protect your important files from being opened by others. If you have some important files that are needed only by yourself, you will need to set a password for them. Sharing files with password protection can be easily achieved when you use the right file-sharing software.

Tips for sharing files

Most users of files sharing websites such as SendBig, oftentimes want to share large files with their trusted contacts. However, they don’t want to risk the chance of losing their data by sending it openly. A password-protected file is a document, which you can access only if you have the right code. It allows users to hide files from others and make them accessible only to those who know how to crack them open. In the case of business, you can use this feature for important documents that might get leaked outside your company or stolen by competitors in case they get hold of them.

Here are some tips for you to send files with password protection.

  • When the file is too large, it can be sent via the WeTransfer app. Select whether you want to share the link or download the file directly.
  •  If you choose direct download, enter your email address and mobile number, select a password protect folder and then click on “Send”.
  •  Within seconds you will receive an email with a link that redirects to the WeTransfer site where your recipient can download your file.

Send big file password protection

Sendbig is a new file-sharing platform that lets you share file with password protection. This is a great way to send sensitive information knowing you can protect it from unauthorized eyes. If you’ve ever wanted an easier way to share large files, then Send Big is for you. You can create as many accounts as you want and send as many documents as your heart desires. It’s easy to use and it’s 100% free.

Send big shared files with password protection! is the most popular software in the market. Any file can be sent securely with SendBig. This means no matter how large the files are, they are safe from prying eyes or unwanted access. It has many powerful features, including:

  • Password encrypted
  • File transfer via ftp, http and email
  • Share multiple files at once
  • No limits on the size or number of files to sendSend big files even if you have a small budget for email marketing!
  • Create password-protected zippyshare folders to share instantly with colleagues and partners. There’s no software to install or passwords to remember, just click the ‘send button. Plus, because there’s


The purpose of this digital-age task is to share a file with password protection. When you need to share a file with someone and want to take matters into your own hands so that anyone can not access the information it contains, then uses the uses provided below.

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