Why You Need to Invest in Quality Car Shades

Are you looking for the best car parking shades? Get served with the best, durable, water proof and affordable shades for your car. We engineer, design, fabricate, install and supply highest quality parking shades at pocket friendly prices for parking your car, the benefits that will make you purchase the products with no doubts.

The Kenyan car Shades are in a special design that suits the needs of car parking shade. The car shades are appreciated by clients everywhere because of the services they lender to their cars.

1. Why Kenyan Car Shades Are The Best Option

The excellent quality of the materials that the products have, put them at the top of the list among many other products.The materials make the shades  durable, strong and economical. The car parking  shades are in a design that ensures maximum  protection for your vehicle.

2. Features and Merits

  • All the car shade structures are generally custom made
  • Structurally designed to fit in the environment
  • Flexible in design that is tailored to fulfill your needs
  • Manufacture, complete design, installation as well as supply services

3. Structural Materials

  • Has Steel Structure that is used in shades for car park
  • Strongest poles
  • Roof frame

4. Shading Material

Car shades Kenya are structurally made up of 2 fabrics:

  1. Sunshade that is not waterproof which is also known as 90% to protect your car from sun rays.It provides up to a maximum of 98% protection from UV light.
  2. Ultra violet light stabilized thread that makes it more durable and is made of 100% waterproof materials that ensure protection from sun and rain.

5. Details of The Car Shades

  • Highly designed.
  • Fascinating and captivating  fabrication work.
  • They are designed in away that ensures complete protection from the harmful
  • A different mainstream garage can be freely standing lever type hence may otherwise be connected to any other  existing structure
  • Compatible structures and design of a wide variety.
  • A wide range of designed varieties, pocket friendly as well as reasonable rates.
  • Versatile quality.

6. The Applications of The Car Shades

  • Home parking shades
  • Pool shades
  • Garden Canopy shades
  • Car garage
  • Shades for ambulance parking
  • Walkway shades
  • parking shades for school buses
  • Car wash
  • Car bazaar
  • parking for tour as well as travel vehicles
  • Pavilion shades
  • Office parking

8. Merits of The Car Parking Shades

  • The car Shades protects your car from the dangerous effects of UV light rays
  • Aids in maintenance of the shine and glow of your car
  • protects inner and outer parts of the car
  • The car Shades also protects your car from falling objects
  • The temperature of the inner parts of the car is kept cool with the parking car shades
  • With the car shades, dashboards  and windscreen are protected from getting  cracks
  • They as well protect your car from rain and sand

9. Various Sizes of The Car Shades

  • 1 car parking space is 3 meters x 5 meters
  • 2 cars parking space is 5 meters x 5 meters
  • 3 cars parking space is 7.5 meters x 5 meters
  • 4 cars parking space is 10 meters x 5 meters


Following  the above exquisite features, I  would therefore recommend you to make a choice  from the excellent shade designs sold at affordable prices everywhere in the country.

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