Why You Need to Build Using Machine Cut Stones in Kenya

Machine cut is the best cutting option for stones. Cutting with machines makes the stones easy to handle and use. Other options might seem attractive due to cost, but due to some critical factors, machine-cut stones are the best option.

Stones are used in the construction and landscaping industry extensively. Demand for stones in these industries will never die. The more the demand increases, the harder it gets to meet the needs. Stones are a finite resource, and there are limits to how much we can extract from the earth.

Humans have used stones of different types in construction and landscaping for a long. To build entire monuments from stone is a big feat. Pyramids are a prime example of rock used in construction and landscaping. Among many things, aesthetics play a significant role in using stone, especially in landscaping.


Many techniques are used to cut the stone to meet those aesthetically pleasing looks. With the advancement in stone cutting techniques and the introduction of machines, an unlimited variety of cuts are available.

Sharp monoliths and other stone centerpieces are very common in extensive lawns. Stones cut with precision, and straight angles give the landscape a modern look. If done correctly, it can enhance the landscape. Today, stones cut using machines can have many different types of angles, not only edges and corners.

Uniformity and Strength

Cutting stones with machines is always going to be the same in dimensions. The walls stay leveled and are easy to manage by construction workers. Using uniform stones means using less mortar. Since there is not much gap between the rocks when laying them, mortar is only required to join the stones together.

The uniformity of the stones is a huge advantage when it comes to the strength of a building. Machine cut stones are less prone to crack as the cutting process discards the weak rocks. When going through the machine cutting process, the stress-bearing capacity of the stones gets tested, and loose or weak quality stones break.

Less Labor

Stones cut in exact sizes by machines require less labor than other stones. The most significant advantage is the speed of stone laying. When all stones are uniform, it becomes easy to lay them and get the work done. The masons in neat rows can easily organize the stones. Applying mortar on them is also easy. It becomes a hassle-free and quick job.

The other reason is that it cuts time for decision-making, altering, smoothing, etc. Stones not machine cut is, not uniform, so they need to be organized like a jigsaw puzzle at times. To build something, the whole row of stones has to look uniform, so a lot of piece fitting and scaling must sometimes be done. Sometimes stone masons can take hours cutting crumbling edges of stones or preparing them for laying.


Stones that are machine cut  also called ndarugo stones are best as they are reliable, durable, and hassle-free. It takes a lot less time to use and a lot less capital to lay them. The stones reduce a lot of mortar and labor costs. In addition, it gives more strength and durability. When choosing stones for construction or landscaping, going for good stones that are machine cut is the best option.

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