Why Will You Invest in Real Estate of Singapore?


Because of developments in the world, particularly in the Asia Pacific, Singapore has maintained and even developed a haven for wealthy immigrants to live, do business, and invest. Support for permanent residency applications from Dream Immigration SG can be obtained quite easily.

Aside from the fact that Singapore is a haven, real estate in Singapore is extremely expensive, with overseas buyers paying additional stamp duties that do not apply to locals or permanent residents. Wealthy and well-known immigrants to Singapore often use Singapore Permanent Resident status to avoid paying the country’s exorbitant tax rates. To save money on ABSD taxes, first, apply to be a Singaporean permanent resident. You won’t believe your eyes. Additionally, you can apply for PR online, or you can seek the assistance of a Singapore immigration firm with your application for ex-pat permanent residency to take full advantage of this benefit.

Nations like Switzerland have agreements with Singapore that exempt their citizens and permanent residents from paying the ABSD when they invest in or buy Singapore real estate there. A citizen of one of the countries listed above is required to be eligible. Even if you don’t become a Singaporean permanent resident, you can still benefit from living in Singapore.

If you look hard enough, you can still find great deals with consistent pricing even though investing in Singapore’s real estate may result in excessive financial returns due to the local government’s cooling measures and a generally better market sentiment.

With pro-business legislation and low taxes, it’s a great area to accumulate wealth. The icing on the cake has a place to call home. Real estate-related capital gains are less common than they previously were but are still possible. Doing business in Singapore, focusing on the Asia Pacific region from here, and having your headquarters here could bring in a significant amount of money for your company, as well. There are a lot of billionaires like James Dyson who are doing the same thing!

About the Clavon Clementi Project

Clavon Clementi, a brand-new condominium project in Clementi Avenue 1 and the Ayer Rajah Expressway, is scheduled to launch shortly. The new district five condos are built on a 178,064-square-foot site and have a total height of 37 floors, consisting of two skyscrapers. Owners of the Clavon buildings have access to the Sky BBQ pits and lounge spaces on the 37th level, which offer stunning views of the southern riverfront and Singapore’s Bukit Timah Natural Park. The developer designed the Forrest Corridor to take advantage of the land’s natural undulations, giving inhabitants and visitors a good view of the city skyline.

Clavin apartment is one of the few buildings in the area with five bedrooms, making it ideal for large families looking for a place to call home. A lap pool and gorgeous gardens, despite its small distance of only two blocks, distinguish Clavon condominium from other nearby properties.

When it comes to luxury, Clavon amenities are everything. There are also other famous real estates in Singapore such as Dairy Farm residences.

In addition to the Clementi Sports Hall, where residents can reserve the badminton courts for a leisurely game, the Clementi Woods Park, popular with dog owners, the West Coast Park and thefts coastline, and the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club are just a few of the many recreational options available in the Clementi area.


Real estate investing, if done correctly, can yield some impressive returns. Real estate can benefit your family in various ways, both monetarily and long-term, from equity and passive income to a more diverse portfolio. Visit RealVantage to start investing in Singapore real estate, co-invest with others and build your real estate portfolio today!

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