Why is the New Proxy Protocol More Profitable?

Among the many types of proxies, IPv4 is distinguished. This is a special protocol used by Internet registrars. There are 5 zones of proxy network addresses on the planet. Buying IPv4 should not be delayed as they are almost out of stock at the regional registrars. Meanwhile, this is a popular type of proxy, characterized by high security and data transfer speed. To learn more about the advantages of IPv4 and other protocols, proxy-seller.com will help you.

What is a proxy server

Proxy is translated from English as “representative”. The term proxy server is defined as a special server that is used as a bridge between the Internet user and the destination server. Such a server gives Internet users the ability to send requests to network services and then receive responses from them. It is also worth noting that often the parties exchanging data may not be aware of such mediation.

What does a proxy do

Every computer on the web is identified by a so-called IP address. The user’s computer, website and proxy server have their own IP addresses. When a user opens a web page on the Internet, the site receives the IP address of the user’s computer. If you open a web page through a proxy, then the proxy IP address will be transmitted to the web portal, not the user.

In addition, a computer may well be identified by other addresses, for example, a MAC address, however, as a rule, when they talk about a proxy server, they mean an IP address.

If we speak in simpler and understandable words and give some analogy, a proxy server is such an intermediary in transactions that does not disclose data about its own client. Here is one prominent and safe name for proxy services i.e. thepirateproxybay.

How proxies can “end”

For those who have never dealt with proxies, it is not clear how they can end. The fact is that there are a limited number of them. For example, the IPv4 model has about 4 billion addresses. But many people need to buy several such proxies for work at once. As a result, they practically ended at the registrars. You can still find them only from organizations that sell addresses directly to buyers.

In other things, progress does not stand still and a more modern protocol, IPV6, has appeared. It differs from the old version in a number of advantages:

  1. more addresses
  2. cost is lower
  3. better encrypted
  4. data integrity is checked during transmission
  5. higher speed
  6. lower ping
  7. highest security.

More modern communication protocol IPV6

Based on these qualities, many proxy buyers today are abandoning IPV4 in favor of IPV6. The new protocol encrypts all incoming data by default. It does this at maximum speed, which does not affect network access. On the contrary, the transmission of information by IPV6 itself is much faster.

In addition, the protocol differs from its predecessor in a lower ping. This is ideal for anyone using esports proxies. Indeed, in computer games, every second counts, guaranteeing victory or preventing defeat. Besides, it is very helpful in business video conferencing negotiations. After all, the impression of the company will not be serious enough if the conference slows down all the time.

In addition, IPv6 has about 300 million more free addresses. Since IPv4 will soon run out, the price is only going up. At the same time, IPv6 has become cheaper than the previous version, despite its clear advantages.


We can talk for a very long time about the best private proxies, where they are used most often, and what benefits they bring to a person. However, the fact remains, and we must nevertheless admit that these servers are new generation systems that can improve the activities of Internet workers, facilitate the stages of promotion and simplify various tasks.

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