Why Business Cards Still Matter

Technological advancements have made business and marketing mostly digital. However, one business tool that isn’t going digital anytime soon is the business card. Business cards are still printed as soon as you start a new job for one reason – they play a vital note in networking and establishing business connections. The following are some reasons that business cards are still effective and necessary tools.

Personal Touch

Good networking involves connecting with people and requires personalisation. If you’re at a trade show or conference, you may meet dozens of people but only truly connect with a handful. Exchanging information digitally lacks the personal touch that business cards have. Apart from business cards, there are different Personalized Embossed Stationery items that you can use for your business.

Easy and Accessible

Holding out a business card is easy, whereas taking out your phones and exchanging information may take longer. Additionally, business cards aren’t dependent on technology – if you lose your phone or the internet connection isn’t great, you’ll still have access to the information. Your phone may run out of battery, but your business card won’t. Relying on smartphones may also prove troublesome if you come across people who aren’t tech-savvy. Even when both parties want to exchange information digitally, applications aren’t always compatible.

Credibility and Expectation

Business cards also show credibility. For some people, not having one on hand may portray you as unprofessional. Furthermore, at networking events, people are expected to have business cards. If you don’t offer one in return, you may appear rude. If you scramble to write your information on a napkin, you appear unprepared, unprofessional, and don’t make a good impression.

Brand Identity and First Impression

Business cards are first impressions of your business. Because these cards are supposed to encapsulate your brand identity, business card printing is extremely important. Whether it’s through colour, texture, font, or special printing techniques like foil stamping and embossing, your business card reflects your brand. Not having business cards means not making the sort of brand impact that you otherwise could have.

International Networking

In some cultures, business cards aren’t optional – they’re essential. Japanese business culture, for example, places a great deal of importance on business cards. The exchange of business cards marks a formal introduction and the beginning of a business relationship. In this situation, not having business cards can ruin networking opportunities and even offend people.

Creative Business Cards Market for You

A business card exchange doesn’t just create one connection. People might share your card if it is creative or eye-catching, marketing your business without you being there. Especially unique cards set your business apart and make your brand recognisable, ultimately increasing brand awareness and possibly bringing in more clients.

Therefore, many parts of business and networking may have moved online, but a business card is a physical tool that is here to stay. 

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