Wholesale Cardigans: Discover the Perfect Supplier for Your Retail Business

Supplying the trendiest clothing is what a retailer seeks to take their business to new heights by staying in the topmost demand of fashion-oriented customers! Wholesale cardigans are one category of clothing that many retailers ought to buy to provide customers with some comfy warm and stylish clothing options.

For obtaining such a trendy inventory collection you will have to have a supplier who constantly adds the latest fancy clothes to their production. Many retailers usually don’t give much thought to choosing wholesale cardigan suppliers.

But since they are the pivotal point in a retail’s success; you will have to determine thoroughly which supplier you have to partner with to ensure your business stays in demand. Discovering a wholesale clothing supplier that suits your business is convenient if you use the correct research methods.

So let’s rush towards the methods that you can utilize for discovering the perfect supplier.

1.   Know Your Customers

Start with uncovering the analytics of your own retail store! Look for sales, customers’ interests, preferences, age, and behavior. By knowing these things you can understand what type of cardigans they would be interested in and potentially buy. Now you will have an understanding of what type of cardigans you will require from your wholesale clothing supplier to provide.

2.   Evaluate The Price of Cardigans

Evaluating the prices is the crucial step when finding wholesale cardigan suppliers. Why? Because the price you buy cardigans from the supplier is directly going to impact the pricing you sell the products at to your customers. Meaning if your competitors sell the same product at a low cost because their supplier is supplying at a low cost will harm your business profits. Find a supplier who offers competitive pricing.

3.   Cardigans Customization Availability

The market of cardigan buyers is people who like staying fashionable and prioritizing preferences for what they wear. Mostly these customers like clothes that are alluring and different from the rest of the market. So fulfilling these customer expectations will require you to have a supporting supplier who will accommodate in making customizable cardigans that your business exclusively sells.

4.   Choose a Wholesale Cardigans Supplier Like Shewin

Shewin is a wholesale clothing supplier with a prominent track record of offering remarkable services. They have massive production factories with 200 plus staff taking care each of your orders are made perfectly.

Choosing a supplier like Shewin with an outstanding track record will initially help you find out if a supplier is reliable and reputable to work with. Shewin has more than 100 partners working with them! By checking the reviews of other retailers who have worked with suppliers you can make a great assessment if you want to partner with them or not.

5.   Suppliers Assistance

Suppliers’ assistance in helping you stock a versatile cardigan inventory is going to be of utmost use. Look for wholesale clothing suppliers that provide priority assistance with transparent communication. It will ensure conducting business and managing inventory would be convenient.

6.   Quality & Size Standards

Wholesale cardigans are delicate knitwear that needs to be made with great quality to assure its durability. Cardigans come in a variety of designs, textures, patterns, colors, quality, etc. Ensuring that your supplier has a wide variety of quality selections will help your business to nurture without having to face quality issues.

7.   Capabilities to Manage Logistics

Return policy and order capacity are two things you need to figure out before partnering with a supplier. Different suppliers may have different return policies and order capacities. If you are going to expand your business partner with a supplier who is capable of providing more products as you expand.

Further, knowing the return policy will help in ensuring that your business will not have to face loss cause of defective pieces.


Cardigans are great seasonal wear that you can stock for your retail to provide diverse clothing options to customers. Stocking such fashion wear will require you to discover a wholesale clothing supplier who is reliable, up to quality standards, and offers competitive pricing, customization, and much more. To ensure your business can grow without facing trouble with logistics.

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