Which is The Best Hospital For Breast Lift In Mumbai?

Are you looking for the best hospital for breast lift in India? Have you decided to get a breast lift? Do you have saggy breasts that are deformed? Do your breasts look unequal after breastfeeding?

This surgery is the best decision you can make for your breasts and is technically known as mastopexy. Breast lift surgery aims at lifting and reshaping the breasts accompanies by reducing the areola size. This surgery counteracts the effect of gravity and age by giving the breasts a youthful look and lifting them.

Before deciding on any cosmetic surgery, you must have realistic expectations and dont make the decision influenced by anyone. No doubt your surgery will make you look better and boost your confidence, but there is no way it can make an unhappy partner happy and resolve your life problems.

For breast lift in India, Dr. Siddharth Prakash is one of the best plastic surgeons at Lilavati Hospital (the best hospital for breast lift in Mumbai). He is a KEM Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston alumnus.

Does breast lift surgery affect breastfeeding?

In this surgery, the surgeon moves the areola and nipples slightly up while they remain connected to the same blood supply, so it does not affect your breastfeeding ability. However, breastfeeding causes a lot of changes in your breasts, making them slightly out of shape, your nipples become droopier, your areola size increases, and your breasts become saggy. So, consider family planning before undergoing this surgery.

Consultation before surgery

In your consultation with the doctor, he will ask questions about your health, family medical history, and your desired outcomes of the surgery. He will also do a physical exam, request a mammogram or X-ray, and will explain all the important things regarding the surgery including the factors that can interfere with the surgery, and anesthesia-related details.

Another important thing that you need to consider is to quit smoking almost a month before the surgery and after it because smoking interferes with the healing process.

How the surgery is done?

There are a lot of techniques for breast mastopexy. The frequently used technique is an anchor-shaped incision in which three cuts are made. The first cut is made around the areola second down the areola region vertically, and 3rd one is made horizontally on the lower crease of the breast. After the incision, the doctor removes all the unwanted tissues, moving the nipple and areola slightly higher to reshape the breasts.

After the surgery, sometimes the surgeons insert a small tube to drain extra fluids and blood that may gather at the incision site to prevent the risk of infection. Then the incisions are closed with tiny sutures and a bandage is placed to protect the surgical area from infection.

The stitches are removed within one or two weeks and patients can return to regular life after 1 to 2 weeks. But you can’t do any physical activity for a few months and your surgeon can tell better when you can completely go back to normal. It is also important that you avoid getting close to your partner for a few weeks. Your breasts can lose sensation for weeks to months. There are some scars left by the surgery, and fade slowly but as they are on natural breast crease you can easily hide them by clothing.

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