What You Need to Consider Before Purchasing an ID Card Printer

Identity card printers are so incredibly beneficial to any business especially for those who makes custom ID cards, you’re right to be looking at starting your purchasing process! That being said, as with all wise investments that are a few considerations that you need to take the time to make before you spend your budget on a printer. Read on for what you ought to consider before purchasing an identity card printer for your company

Company Requirements

First things first you need to take stock of your company and what it needs from your potential ID card printer. Look at the size of your workforce, your existing security system and the conditions of your community as a whole. The size of your staff, and of course your company, will really determine that kind of model that you’re going to want to purchase. A massive company will not be satisfied with the services of a very compact card printer, always buy to scale to ensure that you’re investing wisely.

Team and Office Resources

Once you’ve got a good idea of the requirements that your company has, it’s time to turn your attention towards your available resources. This means looking at who there is on your team that can manage the identity card design software, customisation, photography and printing process. If there is no such individual on your team, are you willing to recruit some fresh talent for this function? You also need to consider the physical space in your office or workplace. Printers that are servicing large teams are not exactly small, particularly when they need to be connected to a computer or other technology in order to operate. Consider your physical real estate and team resources before starting your printer purchasing process.

Additional Accessories

Your ID cards are going to cultivate an amazingly secure environment in your workplace, but the implementation of additional accessories can take this benefit to the next level! Accessories can include lapels, clips, pins, lanyards and identity card holders. In order for your cards to be compatible with your accessories of choice, you need to secure yourself a hole punch that creates industry standard sized holes. Work these expenses into your budget to get the absolute most out of your ID card printer.

Plastic Card Properties

Different identity cards have different capabilities, and you’ll need to find a printer that can create IDs which match up to your expectations. Plastic cards can range from simple styles to proximity, Mifare, magnetic strip and smart – do your research to discover which type is going to be compatible with your company’s needs. If you are working with a pre-existing identity card system and you already have an ID reader in your company then you will want to search for a model that’s going to be compatible with both. You can also find printers that provide additional elements such as encryptions and holographic details, if these are things that you want for your company then you’ll have to prioritise them on your search.

Ongoing Security Needs and Business Structure

If you want your investment to be future proof then you’re going to have to extend those considerations out in front of you a little. This means looking at how you think your business will evolve over the next coming years, are you planning on extending your team? Perhaps you want to add additional departments into your structure? Maybe you want to expand to an office in another state? Each of these variants will have a huge impact on your long term security standards, so they are very important to think about before you dive into your printer purchase.

Provider Support and Maintenance

Lastly, factor in your expectations for ongoing maintenance and provider support. Look for a printer provider that offers sustained support and repairs, this way you can ensure that your investment will continue to serve you instead of becoming an expensive problem down the line. The right plastic ID card printer provider will be attentive, transparent and communicative, watch out for these qualities early on and you’ll be sure to find a model that works for your company now, check here to learn more about ID card printers..

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