What Types of Backlinks Are the Most Powerful for SEO?

Depending on your niche, social media referrals are valuable for boosting your site’s SEO. In fact, the Twitter box feature appears on Google’s SERPs for news and authors. Social media profiles also improve customer service and develop a network, as well as produce more naturally-built links. Here are a few examples. Read on to learn more about the importance of social media in improving your SEO.

Dofollow and nofollow links

Dofollow and nofollow backlinks are both valuable, but which one is more effective for SEO? You can determine the type of link you have from a page’s source code or HTML. The rel=”nofollow” attribute indicates that the link does not pass through Google’s PageRank algorithm. The more high-quality and authoritative the website is, the higher the link juice it passes along. You can get paid guest posting sites.

Although Google does not use nofollow links directly to rank websites, it does consider them as valuable and trustworthy. Unlike nofollow links, these links are seen by search engines as a positive signal. In one study, Ahrefs found a much stronger correlation between high Google rankings and higher number of backlinks. Regardless of the link’s attribute value, authoritative links do good for websites.

Press releases

Among the most effective types of backlinks for SEO, press releases are an integral part of content marketing strategy. Whether your press release is for your company, product, or service, it is crucial to include a strong hyperlink. Press releases that include strong links have greater credibility and authority in search engines. For a good SEO strategy, links should be contextualized and include strong keywords. Ideally, your press release should contain at least five hyperlinks, including one to your company’s website or press room cornerstone page.

Press releases are the most powerful type of backbacklinks for SEO because they generate more sales. Additionally, these backlinks are indexed by search engines like Google. Google will index your press release and your website, so your content will appear when people search for that term. Depending on the distribution level you choose, you could spend as little as 25 hours and $500 on the process. Although press releases have changed a bit in recent years, their qualities remain the same.


In the past, infographics were popular, but this popularity quickly waned. While they still remain popular, they were misused in the past. Infographics are link-worthy content and require some thought and research. You should follow the same rules for creating an infographic as you would for writing an article, including quality and research. In addition to creating great content, infographics can also help you spread the word about your business.

When creating an infographic, identify the target audience. For link-building, aim for a highly specific segment of your target audience. Don’t make your infographics about trending topics that have low targeting. Instead, target a niche audience that is highly interested in your topic. For example, if you’re writing about a new trend, your audience will be different from your expert audience.

Links from business partners

If you’re wondering what makes links from business partners the most powerful for SEO, it’s the fact that they are not paid for. In fact, they might just be there as a result of a relationship between the two companies. While Google won’t be all that happy about these kinds of links, they are good for building an audience and acquiring new customers. It’s important to be careful with these types of links, though.

The best way to get links from business partners is to establish a link-sharing partnership. This means partnering with another business to regularly point to each other’s website. Link-sharing partnerships usually have guidelines and can involve several websites. If possible, choose partners that are relevant to your niche. Make sure to follow these guidelines closely. Once you’ve created a link-sharing partnership, you can start working together.


In addition to being useful to your business, webinars can be very effective in generating traffic and boosting your SEO. This content can be used across many digital marketing techniques to increase your SEO, lead generation, and sales. A successful webinar should be well planned and executed to ensure it gets high views and attendance. If you want to get the most out of your webinar, you should do a little research on video keywords.

There are many ways to increase your SEO numbers by creating a webinar that teaches your target audience something. When you create a webinar, you should use keywords relevant to the topic you are talking about. Video content is also more readable than text, which is why Google will reward videos with higher rankings than text. Additionally, you can post the transcript of the webinar on your website to improve your SEO.

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