What to Expect During Your Annual OB/GYN Visit

While it is natural to feel some apprehension before going in for your first gynecological checkup, be assured that the process is rather simple and won’t take very long. Once you learn why and how your yearly well-woman check is conducted, you will see there is no need to be alarmed or ashamed. A reputable gynecologist like Dr. Wanda Torres will attend to you professionally, so you don’t have to feel self-conscious about your appointment.

It is recommended that women get a yearly gynecological checkup to promote and maintain excellent health. The actual physical examination will only take around 10 minutes, and before and after the procedure, you and your doctor will have plenty of time to discuss concerns or ask questions. Here’s a guideline of what to expect during your appointment:

A discussion of your health records

Your medical history will be addressed and reviewed, including any surgeries, medicines, family medical history, drug, and alcohol use, and any other health concerns you may have. The purpose of your visit to the gynecologist is not just to discuss your sexual orientation but to learn more about your overall health so that they may better care for you.

Wellness exam

A standard session begins with a check of your general health. The nurse will collect your vitals, blood pressure, weight, and urine samples. After that comprehensive STD screening in Portland, it is time for the physical exam, at which time you will be requested to remove your clothes and replace them with a front-opening robe and a sheet for your lap.

Expect several questions

Your checkup will include inquiries about your family history, present health, and sexual activities. You may also be asked questions regarding your period, sex life, partners, contraception, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, health history, surgeries, substance abuse, and alcohol use. There will be some personal questions here, but please answer them truthfully. It would help if you didn’t put your health in danger because of your timidity. Having full faith that what you say will remain private is essential.

You may ask your doctor questions about your reproductive health at your yearly gynecological checkup. Regarding your well-being, there are no stupid questions to ask. The more you know, the better you may feel about making your best decisions.

Medical examination

The doctor will check the outside of your vagina for any signs of abnormalities and then do an inside examination of your reproductive systems as part of your regular checkup. The gynecologist will examine the vagina and cervix as you lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet raised in stirrups. What you should feel is pressure rather than agony. During a Pap test, your gynecologist will use a little brush to collect cells from your cervix, which will then be submitted to a lab to be analyzed for any abnormalities that may indicate cervical cancer or HPV.

If you are sexually active, your doctor may screen for STDs by swabbing your pelvic area with cotton and doing blood tests. Your gynecologist may also do a breast exam to detect any problems.

Having your first gynecological visit between 13 and 15 is recommended. You will have the chance to get to know your physician at the first gynecological visit and will be able to ask about any concerns that may come to mind at that time.

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