What to Consider When Selecting a Green Net

A green net for construction is an essential tool used mainly to avoid harm to people from an object falling. It can aid in the protection of the workerswho work in high sites and maintain the building site’s cleanliness. They are durable nettings used to protect pedestrians and traffic from falling debris.

This article focuses on using the green net and its advantages and disadvantages. It also focuses on the price of the green net for construction.

Importance of green netfor construction

  1. Used to maintain building site clean
  2. Avoid harm to people from an object falling
  3. The nets are not a replacement for fall prevention measures but can be used in conjunction with them if the fall risk cannot be eliminated.
  4. They are designed to deflect and absorb a fall’s energy, reducing the likelihood of a person being injured.
  5. There must be enough space below the net so that as the net deflects, the fallen person does not strike an obstacle.

Construction of green nets

Construction site security is a component of construction-associated activities that focuses on protecting construction workers and other individuals from death, disease, injury, or other health-related risks.

Construction is a frequently hazardous, primarily land-based operation in which site workers may be subjected to a variety of hazards.Site risks include working at height and moving machinery, materials, power tools, and electrical equipment. Therefore, it is advisable to use the green net to avoid all this from occurring.

They are utilized at high building construction areas to aid in preventing accidental falls of people on the site. Green nets are the far most known safest, and most efficient fall prevention technique in the world. They are flexible plastic green nets made out of high-density polyethylene raw materials.

The best way is to cover the entire construction site, which aidsin theprevention of anything from falling without the presence of a blockage. Its installation requires expertise.

Types of green net

They have designs that resemble squares or diamond meshes. There are two different types of safety nets

  • Knotted construction nets
  • Knotless construction nets

Price for the green nets

When considering construction materials, price is a major consideration one has to take into place. This is because the building materials may take up the cost that would have been saved for some other site. For this reason, one needs to look up the cost of various materials since money has the final say in the construction process despite the cost of multiple materials.

The price for these nets varies with size. The size of the net required depends on the size of the building. If it’s a big-storey building, the size needed will be prominent, and for a small building, the size required will be small. The price also varies with the brand of the company.


Safety measures cannot be equivalent to anything. It is always a priority to put safety first, because the lives individuals are precious. See also shade nets.

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