What Should I Do Before an MOT Test?

Most car owners know that fact, but some of you don’t know that a car owner has to attend a test called MOT test every year to check if his car is capable of driving in the road. The full meaning of MOT is the Ministry Of Transport Test. Every year a lot of vehicles unable to pass the test for some simple mistakes. If they fix these minor mistakes, they can pass the test very easily. Some of the things you can check for yourself. While some of the items only can be handled by professional Mot Reading companies. But today, we will discuss some of the things that you can do before an MOT test.

1. The superficial things

This step is pretty essential and straightforward. But the examiners reject the car if it is dirty and full of mud and other things. Before taking your vehicle to the MOT test, make sure to check whether the car is immaculate inside and outside. You can use this kind of cleaning stuff on your own. Especially take extra care on the license plate as it needs to be clear and visible. Well, this is not a test for the beauty of a car, but a well-cleaned car can make an excellent expression to the examiners.

2. The bodywork

The next thing you need to do is to check the overall car’s bodywork. Look for any significant dent or scratch, rusty or sharp areas that can harm any person. All the bodyworks should be fixed before the main exam. Check the door, bonnet, and boots if they are functioning normally. All the doors should be open and close securely. The examiners always check for if there are any cracks or broken parts in the windscreen. So also make sure to check this thing out, and If you want to check your car before the final test, you can always grab a Car Service Reading to make sure all the things of your car is ok.

3. The lights

The lights are one of the key features that a car must have run and working. You can always take some help from your friends. You can turn off and on all the lights, and your buddy can check for any error or any broken glass of the light. If you have any cracked or broken glass of the light, the examiner might disqualify you from the test. Also, make sure to check all the lights are showing correctly in the dashboard. Most people ignore this kind of stuff. But this thing is essential for passing the MOT test. So make sure to check all of them.

4. Tires and suspension

Not just for the test, tires and suspension are very crucial for safe driving. Before making way to the MOT tester, look out for any damages, cuts in any tires. Also, check for if all the tires are fitted correctly and securely in their position. Tread depth is one of the crucial things to look at in the tires. Also, check for the suspension of the car. You can check by applying weight to the car and release it. If the car bounces more then usual, then you should take your vehicle to a mechanical shop.

5. Basic Functions of car

Finally, look out for any kind of error in the essential functions of the car. Like the windscreen wipers, horn, seatbelt, mirror, headrests, oil level, etc. All things small things can be a reason for not completing your MOT test. So make sure that you have all things perfect and working just fine.


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