What is the Scope Of Digital Marketing In the USA for 2022?

Smartphones have become an integral part of our life. Whatever we do, wherever we go, and what the situation is, we don’t stay without our smartphones.

Now with the ‘Work From Home’ scenario, it has become a compulsion even for small children who are studying online.

This is the strong reason that Digital Marketing has widespread its scope everywhere. Even the children are affected by the advertisements that come in between their favorite YouTube videos.

Digital Marketing techniques have evolved drastically with huge advancements in technology. From radio to television and now over every electronic channel, digital marketing has always been there and now it has become part of our routine life. The scope of digital marketing is further driven by the pandemic.

Digital Marketing enables businesses to reach their audience across the globe. The initiatives of digital marketing continue to grow and evolve, making a place for a huge number of jobs for digital marketing professionals across the world. This has eventually brought a rise in professionals opting for the digital marketing associate certification exam, to get certified and make a bright career in this domain.

This article will let you know why digital marketing is so widely adopted by even the biggest names of the world and the scope of digital marketing in the USA.

Benefits of Digital Marketing to Companies

With the evolving scope of digital marketing, companies need to stay updated. This is done by adding online components to their digital marketing strategies in order to create a strong digital presence.

Since most of us go online to search for products before purchasing them, digital marketing plays a crucial role in businesses. Businesses employ Digital marketing strategies effective backlinking techniques to target their potential audience via social media and these efforts improve their ROIs considerably.

Some of the obvious benefits of Digital Marketing are:

  • Ease of targeting audience

Digital Marketing enables businesses to target their audience based on some typical factors including gender, age, qualification, interests, and location. It is also possible to retarget potential customers using different channels of digital marketing.

  • High ROIs and Low Investments

The investments in digital marketing channels are considerably lower than traditional marketing techniques. The cost per lead with digital marketing is a whopping 61% lesser than that with traditional marketing. Most businesses use paid search to advertise on social media and the costs spent are relatively low. Also, with great capability of targeting a huge audience makes ROIs improve.

  • Reach mobile users

It will not be surprising that the number of mobile users across the world is still increasing and is expected to reach 18 billion by 2024. This makes it easier for companies to reach their customers anytime and anywhere.

The Scope of Digital Marketing in the USA

Around 78.2% of the total population of the USA comes under the category of frequent mobile users. The same survey states that out of these, 52.2% of users are the ones who concentrate more on mobile browsing and hitting web pages.

With an exponential increase in the number of people spending time over the internet, it is clear that digital marketing efforts are answered affirmatively.

Did you know that the USA is one of the largest markets for digital/internet marketing? The largest number of active internet users makes it so. The marketing in the USA is digital marketing ready and branding ready. To get this done, they are in high need of skilled and trained digital marketing professionals.

In the USA, digital marketing has been observed to be a booming industry over the past few years which implies that regardless of the types, niche, and size are looking for digital marketers and content strategists to help them identify the market trends and create a strong presence of their products and services. Some of the industries that require digital marketing experts are retail and eCommerce sites, real estate, finance, banking corporations, etc.

They have been noticed to hire and pay many job roles in this domain. Some of the popular job roles that are highly in demand in the USA are:

  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Online Reputation Management
  • SEO Professionals
  • Lead Generation Specialist
  • Google Ads Specialist
  • Affiliate Marketing strategist
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • Advertising and Content Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Salaries in the USA

You have seen that the digital marketing landscape continues to widen in the most developed country of the world. This is why digital marketing experts are surpassing supply. When you work in a company that is lacking talent and is productive extensively, you can make huge salaries. The median annual salary of a Digital Marketing Specialist in the US, according to Indeed.com, is around USD 61,323.

Some of the top companies and the average annual salaries offered by them to the digital marketing professionals are given below:

  • Fortira – USD 173,593
  • Deloitte – USD 150,637
  • DISYS – USD 131,330
  • Meta – USD 107,812
  • Synchrony – USD 102,391
  • Gannett – USD 87,410

The salary may vary with location as well. Some of the top-paying cities in the USA are:

  • New York, NY – USD 71,624
  • Denver, CO – USD 66,255
  • Irvine, CA – USD 63,242
  • Chicago, IL – USD 61,653
  • Miami, FL – USD 57,921

New York City serves home to almost 1,779,932  small businesses which imply that there are lots of opportunities for digital marketers available there. Boston, Seattle, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles are other cities with a huge pack of opportunities for you. If you are looking for hire an SEO agency then you can find here the world best Guest Post sites for SEO to get more visitors on your websites.


One of the basic requirements for getting into the Digital Marketing landscape is the industry certification in any of the digital marketing domains including Google Ads, SEO, Google Analytics, HubSpot Certification, and Facebook Blueprint.

To attain any of these certifications, the most feasible way is to take up an online training course. With an online training course from an accredited institute, you can go through rigorous training, hands-on experience with real-life projects, and expert-led training.

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