What is the Difference Between the Operation of CNC Grinder and CNC Machine Tool

CNC grinder is a kind of CNC machine tool CNC machine tool is the abbreviation of digital control machine tool. It is an automatic machine tool equipped with program control system. The main difference between NC machine tools and ordinary machine tools is that NC machine tools have NC system (program control system), which can realize automatic machining by programming. Ordinary machine tools do not have this feature. Other differences and misunderstandings:

1 Generally, the machining process of NC machine tool does not need to be operated manually. It is OK to set the origin and compile the NC program.

  1. Generally, the accuracy of CNC machine tools is higher than that of ordinary machine tools.
  2. It does not mean that the accuracy of CNC machine tools is necessarily higher than that of ordinary machine tools. The accuracy depends on the main core accessories used, the rigidity of design structure, assembly skills and so on.
  3. Generally, CNC machine tools are fully enclosed (or semi enclosed), which is more reliable than ordinary machine tools in terms of safety.
  4. CNC machine tools must be equipped with CNC system, or machine tools equipped with CNC system can be called CNC machine tools. CNC system is the core of CNC machine tools.
  5. Other aspects, etc. I didn’t think of it for the time being.

Which is easy to learn, CNC grinder or cylindrical grinder

  1. Grinding machine is a form of machining with grinding wheel as cutting “High-speed Carving Machining service“.
  2. CNC grinder is a grinder with computer control system, which can automatically complete the scheduled work according to the program compiled by people.
  3. Cylindrical grinder refers to the machine tool that grinds the “outer circle” of the workpiece.
  4. It can be CNC cylindrical grinder, CNC Crankshaft Grinder or non CNC cylindrical grinder.
  5. As long as you work hard, seriously and carefully, the machine tool operation is “easy to learn”.
  6. When you are still young, learn more quickly. The basic principles are the same. If it’s a school science class, I suggest you learn about CNC grinding machines. You can learn some electrical knowledge by the way. If you are in the factory, you’d better learn general cylindrical grinder first and then learn NC, which is easier to accept and have a clearer understanding of grinding. Which one do you mean

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