What Is The Average Cost Of A Facelift In India?

American Society of Plastic Surgeons has declared that the average cost of Facelift surgery is about $8005. However, this price excludes anesthesia, operating room facilities, and other relevant expenses. You can consult the surgeon in this aspect because the final costs of the treatment are genuinely based on the surgeon’s experience, the geographic location, and the type of procedure used. Many health insurance plans do not cover the complete facelift surgery and its goals. However, some surgeons offer patient financing plans, so ask.

Influencing factors on Facelift surgery cost

Facelift cost in India is reasonable. The cost of the original surgery is not that high. Still, you should know about all associated factors may add up to the total cost of the treatment. These include;

The complexity of the procedure

Facelift means different things to different people; some surgeons describe it differently than others. The facelift is a facial rejuvenation that ensures a more youthful look. For some people, it is merely lifting the cheek, neck, or eyes. For others, it is raising the mouth, chin, or eyebrow. However, the surgical procedure should preferably tailor to the patient’s desires. It involves eyelid surgery or dermal fillers, often considered additional courses. These procedures add up more to the total price of the surgery. It is advised to perform multiple operations during a single anesthetic surgery rather than doing each separately.

Surgeon Selection

The total cost of the treatment varies from surgeon to surgeon when a patient prefers one surgeon over the other to perform facelift surgery, just like the doctors with different levels of experience, amenities, and accreditation. A highly experienced and well-trained surgeon takes more surgery charges than an ordinary surgeon. Safety treatment received from the trained professional comes up with higher price tags.

Anesthesia Fee

The cost of anesthesia differs from person to person. An anesthesiologist or CRNA, also known as Nurse Anesthetist, should be provided anesthesia. Anesthesia demands hourly payment; however, you should consult who will pay the extra charges if the surgery goes longer than the expected duration.

From where can you get the treatment?

You can get the best treatment from any certified clinical professional or hospital. The cost of Facelift surgery in Mumbai is reasonable, and the results can be productive. Dr. Siddharth Prakash is an experienced and expert plastic surgeon currently practicing at Lilavati hospital India. The treatment will make you capable enough to put off the signs of aging and enjoy a youthful look.


Cost is essential to consider during facelift surgery, but it is not an ultimate need. Health and cosmetic results satisfaction should be the top priority of the patient. Choose an inexperienced surgeon merely to save some amount. You will have to spend more if the complications develop or the procedure demands corrective measures. The surgeon should always consider it their top priority to provide the patient with desired outcomes relating to the procedure’s care, safety, and quality.

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