What Is Instagram And Its Uses?

Instagram sure is the app of the millenniums. Instagram houses multiple users and is liked by a huge audience. You definitely know about Instagram unless you are completely foreign to social media. For those who are new to the app, here’s what Instagram actually is and what the different ways to use Instagram are.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free to use social media application that allows you to share photos and videos with a huge amount of audience at once. This app was released through iTunes app store on 6th October, 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Looking at the popularity of the app a version was released for android users on 3rd April, 2012. The app was initially meant for people to share media and get likes and comments. Later the app added features for messaging and audio and video calling. The app has been used to edit pictures and videos and even promote and start new businesses.

Looking at the popularity the app had gained and with the company reporting more than 40 million users just in 2 years from the date of release, facebook now known as Meta bought the app in mid 2012 for $1 billion. Since then Instagram has continuously adopted various updates to enhance performance. The app even built a reels section to allow its users to share short videos and vines, since the ban of tik-tok. Ever since then Instagram has gained in more followers every hour.

What the different ways to use Instagram are:

1. Promote business:

Instagram houses billions of users on the application and hence has turned to be one of the best places to promote and advance businesses. Instagram helps and supports businesses to reach greater heights with its business accounts especially designed and focused on getting more traffic and income. You can start a new business on Instagram or promote your already setup business without even paying a single penny. Instazoom is launching a new tool that can be used to get an idea about the budget you need to spend to promote your business on Instagram.

2. Spread awareness and for announcements:

Since we have been hit by a pandemic spreading awareness has become all the more important. Instagram has everyone hooked to itself especially in the time when everyone was locked in. Instagram is a best way to reach oput and spread awareness amidst masses as you can find maximum audience on this app. The reels section, Instagram ads and IGTV videos are certain dedicated spots for announcements.

3. Entertainment:

The app was designed for entertainment purposes only, but in no time has this app become a hub for celebrities, influencers and newbie content creators to entertain audiences and gain fame, especially using the reel section. You will find maximum people scrolling through the interesting videos being posted in the reels section. The app helps you display your talents to a huge audience through its posts, reels, stories and IGTV videos .

4. Education:

Instagram has not only helped people get entertained but has also helped people learn something new or adopt a new hobby. You can find educational videos on Instagram related to academics, sports, general knowledge, a new recipe, art skills and much more.

5. Social networking:

In the era where we all have our heads into our phones and live on a run, connecting with people would have been so difficult, if there was no social media. The best app to socialize and make new friends is Instagram. Posting amazing content or sharing interests both can help you gain new friends. You connect to more people and grow your circle. Also knowing what your friend is doing without actually having to go there is possible, just have a look into their profile.

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