What is Ground Freight Shipping?

Every shipper needs an efficient and reliable partner to deliver their products to a particular destination. To that end, ArdentX provides freight shipping services you can count on. The firm also boasts a diverse E-Transport network – reefers, flatbeds, drayage, oversize trucks, and more – to get goods to your intended destination, every time.

Depending on your load, you might consider ground freight shipping. What is it, and how can you tell your goods qualify for such a shipment? Keep reading to learn more.

The Process

Ground freight shipping is a transportation method used to ship goods or cargo over land – if the terminology hasn’t already given it away. This shipping style is usually used to transport items that don’t qualify for air or ocean freight. A shipper may use a truck, van, rail, or intermodal shipping container to move the goods from one location to another.

Shipping based on this model occurs in phases – each is instrumental in ensuring the goods arrive at their destination. For starters, you must determine the dimensions of your shipment. That way, you can choose the right-sized truck for your goods. Then, a logistics firm such as ArdentX picks the goods from your business’s loading site.

After that, the service provider sorts the goods at a warehouse based on size, destination, and other factors. A centralized shipping hub also serves as the center for combining orders.

The goods are then loaded onto trucks and transported to the client’s intended destination. And when it comes to returns and reverse logistics, some ground freight service providers offer solutions as well.

Goods Transported

Typically, heavy and bulky items make the bulk of the cargo transported via road or rail. Such goods also require special handling. These may include vehicles, construction equipment, machinery, and supplies.

In addition, items requiring a controlled environment, like food products and hazardous materials, can be shipped using this method. This ensures they arrive safely and on time with minimal risk of damage.

Ground freight shipping is also an ideal option for high-value cargo. For instance, you might have an expensive medical device or high-tech equipment that is too sensitive to travel by air. Similarly, if the shipment is too large to fit in an airplane, you may explore ground freight shipping instead.

Benefits of Ground Shipping

Given the popularity of ground shipping, it’s easy to understand why numerous businesses opt for this delivery method. Let’s discuss some of its upsides below.

1. Low-cost Option

Unlike air freight shipping, ground freight is usually a less expensive option for transporting goods. If your goods don’t require time-sensitive delivery, ground shipping would be perfect.

Your shipper may also offer Less than Truckload (LTL) service. This implies you don’t have to pay for a full truckload. Instead, you pay for as little or as much space on the truck as you need. This allows your products to share the space with other goods headed in the same direction.

2. Cargo Tracking

Every business owner would wish to know where their goods are at all times. Ground shippers usually update you with real-time tracking information of your cargo using their online systems. Others offer you a tracking number, letting you track your goods. You may also get alerts when the goods are in transit, have been delivered, and more. Tracking helps you plan for delivery and can avert losses due to shortages.

3. Flexible Scheduling

It’s fulfilling to know that you can arrange to deliver your goods anytime. Many ground freight shippers offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs.

For instance, you may want delivery of goods during off-peak hours when the traffic is less congested. Or, you might prefer weekend delivery to ensure the recipient’s workflow is consistent. In any case, your shipper can help ensure your shipment arrives as intended.

4. Convenience

If you use alternative means, such as air or sea freight, most likely, your goods will have at least one stopover before reaching their destination. This may be problematic for highly sensitive items.

Ground freight shipping lets you transport your goods directly from their point of origin to the recipient’s doorstep. That way, you can eliminate delays and ensure the goods arrive safely.

You also have plenty of options for transportation – from standard trucks to special containers. Thus, if your products require special handling, you can rely on ground freight shipping to deliver them. Plus, you can ship small, medium, large, or even super-sized items, depending on your needs.

Ground freight shipping continues to reshape the way businesses deliver goods. As such, it’s an important piece of the global supply chain puzzle. Thus, consider it if you need a winning solution for your products and business.

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