What is Delta 10 THC?

You are probably very familiar with delta 9 THC or simply THC. It is the main psychoactive compound of the marijuana plant. But in this post we will talk about delta 10 THC, a new form of THC that is making its way into the market where cannabis is legal. For your info, on the online market you can find Delta THC 10 for sale easily.

What is delta 10 THC?

Delta 10 THC is an isomer of Delta 9 THC. That is to say that their molecules have the same chemical formulation, but the arrangement in which the atoms are found is different. There are also other isomers of delta 9 THC such as delta 2, delta 3, delta 6, delta 7 and delta 8 THC. But except for delta 8, they are very little known.

The name “delta” refers to the position of the double bond that forms the chemical structure of THC. Delta 9 for example, has this double bond in the tenth position. Delta 1 has it in the first, etc.

All of these forms of THC are psychoactive. But each of them has different power. It is known that the power of delta 8 is practically half that of delta 9. But of all, delta 9 THC is the only isomer that the plant produces naturally. For all the others, human intervention is necessary for their production.

Where was delta 10 THC found?

Delta 10 THC was discovered in 1984 by Raphael Machoulam, an Israeli professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. Professor Machoulam is very famous for having been the first to isolate and determine the structure and total synthesis of the delta 9 THC molecule and for his work with the endocannabinoid system.

In a study published following the discovery of delta 10, he described the synthesis of this molecule. But this synthesis required toxic chemicals that made the final product non-consumable. In the same article, he also mentions the delta2 THC, delta 3 THC, and delta 6 THC isomers. He, however, had not yet studied them in detail.


But it was not until very recently, when the North American company Fusion Farms rediscovered delta 10 THC again in a very curious way. They had received a large amount of hemp biomass from fires near California. But without knowing it, it was contaminated with the retardant used by firefighters.

They processed the biomass as usual, using a distillation and recrystallization system to isolate the cannabinoids. But during this process, the team was able to observe a strange formation of crystals in the extract that they had never seen before. In a first analysis, the scanner identified these crystals as CBC or cannabichromene. But since they were used to extracting pure CBC, the results did not seem correct to them and they continued investigating.

After several months, they identified the substance as delta 10 THC thanks to NMR or nuclear magnetic resonance technology. It is a technology that allows to identify the chemical structure of unknown molecules. And they also deduced that it was the exposure of the hemp crops to the fire retardant that was to blame for the transformation of delta 9 into delta 10 THC.


Delta 10 THC is a new cannabinoid that will give a lot to talk about. It is an isomer of THC, it is also psychoactive but slightly less powerful. Due to its effects, delta 10 could be considered the version of THC for the day, while delta 8 is ideal for the night. For its part, delta 9 would be at an intermediate point between delta 8 and delta 10. Want to buy quality Delta 10 THC products? You can rely on Delta Extrax.

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