What Difference Can Fragile Stickers Make?

While fragile stickers are indeed a simple thing, their importance when it comes to keeping items of value and fragility safe, cannot be underestimated. A box containing precious and delicate items without such a sticker, for example, could well end up being thrown around in transit, and its contents ruined beyond repair.

Especially important in circumstances under which fragile items are being loaded and transported by land, sea or air (such as by a courier company, or during the home moving process) they can be the difference between a shipment reaching its destination in one piece, and a shipment being destroyed and unusable.

The importance of home moving stickers

Some items don’t even have to be particularly fragile to be damaged in transit, or during loading and unloading when you’re moving home, making ‘fragile’ stickers all the more important and useful for the removal company. Stick them on any box that contains items that could easily be damaged, and while this isn’t exactly a guarantee that they’ll arrive in one piece, it does give a certain assurance and peace of mind.

Packing items appropriately for transit is vital, too, and a fragile sticker might well be wasted if the delicate items inside the box are rattling around at the slightest movement. However, when good packing (such as the use of bubble wrap or wadding to protect glass items) is combined with fragile stickers, there shouldn’t be a lot that goes wrong.

Unsure whether your items should be packed with a fragile sticker? Here are some common examples of items that would benefit from fragile stickers:

Glasses and other items made from glass

Glasses are notoriously easy to break, but if you’ve invested in some lovely glassware and want to protect it during any form of transit, or even storage, items should be packed with cardboard between them (or some other kind of non-abrasive padding), fragile stickers should be clearly placed on the box along with a ‘right side up’ sticker to prevent the risk of further damage occurring.


With sensitive circuitry that can easily become damaged if dropped, thrown or stacked up on other similar items, electronics benefit from being packed with bubble wrap and other soft materials that help to absorb shock and protect them. Along with fragile stickers, you could also add ‘keep dry’ and ‘right side up’ stickers to the box for the ultimate protection.

Ornaments and decorative items

Some removal companies offer a chargeable service in the form of the handlers taking extra care over certain items that have been boxed up, and ornaments, statues and other costly, decorative items might benefit from this. However, even if you’ve highlighted which boxes need extra care to be taken over them, you must add fragile stickers to avoid any confusion or costly errors.


Items such as glass topped tables or chairs with thin, spindly legs, would benefit from being handled with extra care when packed up and being transported from a to b. Fragile stickers will indicate to the movers that just because a box is heavy and contains large items of furniture, doesn’t mean that its contents aren’t breakable.


It’s not uncommon to travel with delicate items that deserve extra protection, and if flying with a suitcase containing fragile items, a fragile sticker is absolutely essential.

Small but mighty, fragile stickers are worth their weight in gold when it comes to protecting items of value, and if you’re moving something that could easily become broken in transit, be sure to slap a sticker on it!

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