What Courses Can You Take At An Injectable Institute?

Are you looking for a career in cosmetic injecting? Or are you already a registered nurse, dentist, or doctor looking to upskill your cosmetic injecting techniques? The Injectable Institute of Australia is the place to be.

At the institute, you’ll learn from some of the country’s most experienced and skilled cosmetic injectors, with courses designed to suit every level of experience. In this blog post, we dive into the courses on offer, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. Read on to learn all the details.


Botox is a prevalent aesthetic treatment at the Injectable Institute of Australia, making it an excellent introduction for beginners in the field. This program provides comprehensive knowledge on addressing issues like lines around the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead, and expression lines. Additionally, you’ll learn how to handle complications should they arise. The course is suitable for first-time cosmetic injectors or those seeking additional skills.

Lip Artistry

If you want to expand your skills and knowledge in the lip filler area, this is the course for you. You’ll learn different techniques, including cannula and Russian, to create beautiful, natural-looking lips for your patients. Suitable for registered nurses, doctors, and dentists, this course will take your lip filler application to the next level.


Skinboosters are a non-surgical treatment to improve your patient’s skin quality and texture. The course covers skin boosters and Bio-remodelers, teaching you how to correctly administer the product, including the right type for your patient. You’ll learn how to administer the product and the treatment plan considerations to ensure your patient’s positive outcome when seeking this treatment.

Chin & Jawline

The lower third (chin and jawline) is popular for patients seeking cosmetic injectables. This course at Dermal Distinction Training Academy will teach you how to create youthful and structured proportions for your patients using dermal filler and muscle relaxants. You’ll learn how to inject chin filler using a cannula and needle and how to treat pre-jowl sulcus and wrinkles.

Cheek Filler

The course covers creating sculpted cheeks using filler and muscle relaxants, including cheekbone filler and lateral and medial cheek filler. You’ll learn treatment planning and how to handle complications.

One-On-One Training

One-On-One Training is an advanced course that focuses on an individual’s learning style. The course is customized for individuals to learn and grow their injecting skillset with mentorship guidance. This is an excellent option for people with specific cosmetic injectable requirements needing more personalized attention.

Discover the Benefits of Taking Injectable Courses At The Injectable Institute of Australia Today

The Injectable Institute of Australia offers various courses catering to everyone’s skill level and experience. Aspiring cosmetic injectors can start with the Botox course to gain foundational skills.

At the same time, the more experienced can expand their knowledge and skillset in lip artistry, skin boosters, chin and jawline, cheek filler, and the One-On-One training option. Whatever you choose, the experienced and skilled trainers at the Injectable Institute of Australia can support you to become an expert in cosmetic injection.

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