What Are the Gambling Strategies for Sports Betting

All players, even professionals with years of experience, sometimes lose. But in order to lose as little money as possible, and even better – to win, regardless of how the match ended, they came up with sports betting strategies.

Strategies are gaming and financial. First, we will talk about the best and most profitable gaming strategies in site, which are based on bets on specific outcomes. And then let’s move on to financial: they help to competently manage the bank and determine the correct size of each bet.

In the process, we will often mention the word “bank” – this is the money that we have allocated for betting. For simplicity, you can assume that this is the amount that you have in your bookmaker account.

Outcome Betting Strategies

We choose a match where there is a clear favorite with a coefficient to win up to 1.3. We bet on it using the Ladder financial strategy, which we will talk about a little later. In short, after each winning bet, we spend the entire winnings on the next bet.

Live betting strategy on the outcome

We choose a match with a clear favorite and an outsider in a sport where there are many periods: for example, several games and sets in tennis bets, quarters in basketball and bets in American football. Then we can bet live on the victory of an outsider in each period.

If the bet does not pass, we increase the next bet so that it covers the losses from the previous one and brings additional profit. We do this until we win. If the match is over and we haven’t won yet, we choose an outsider and continue to bet in his next game. We will tell you more about the catch-up a little later.

Time/match betting strategy

This game strategy is suitable for those meetings where there is no clear favorite and outsider, the minimum odds per half/match are higher than 3, and we are sure that one of the teams will win. In such games, there are rarely strong-willed victories, so we make only two bets, for example, on the first team: X/W1 and W1/W1. We calculate the size of bets so that the winnings for each be approximately the same.

Yellow card betting strategy

We choose a match, the arbiter of which shows yellow cards no more than the average value for the tournament (sites with referee statistics will help you find such a game), and put a catch-up on a total of less than 1.5 yellow cards in the first half. If the bet does not work, we choose another match and spend as much money to cover the losses and earn on top. We increase the amount until we win.

The bottom line is that cards are rarely shown in the first half, especially if the match is an ordinary one. The referee, who is not used to giving a lot of “yellow cards”, only contributes to the passage of the bet. If we still lose it, then we catch up in the next game and do not wait until the whole match is over.

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