VPN Characteristics and How to Choose the Best Service

The internet connects humans to other humans and most people today cannot be separated from this global computer network. They communicate with WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, buy through Amazon, and eBay, pay using PayPal, transfer money with online banking features, and many more. All of these activities involve a lot of data being sent from one place to another.

Some of these data may be “general” but others can be highly confidential. You don’t want anyone to be able to find out your PayPal password. Unless you want to give away your money for free…

The security of data sent and received can be achieved in various ways, one of the most popular is by encrypting them. Encryption means converting data into secret codes that are impossible for third parties to understand. How to convert data? Of course with a special algorithm. But we don’t have to think hard to find the algorithm and apply it because a VPN service can provide that.

That’s the characteristic of a VPN service!

Using a VPN service means working on an encrypted data tunnel with the aim of protecting the security of the data being channeled in it. The point is to disguise the data being passed so that they cannot be read.

How to choose the best VPN service?

There are several factors that might be considered but what is clear, paid services are definitely better because they are able to provide data channels that are private. When we deal with free VPN services, the data channels provided tend to be “public” so that one channel may be used by many people which allows “violations by irresponsible people” which results in blocking the channel.

Once you are determined to choose a paid VPN service, it is time to move on to other factors:

– Reputation

You should choose only reputable VPN services. There are many examples but we especially recommend Surfshark. Surfshark is a professional VPN service that will not sell any user’s personal data for any reason. Often, hiring a VPN service means entrusting your data to third parties and if they are not honest, you will already know the result…

– Number of servers

Having many servers does not ensure quality but at least it will make it easier for every user to get the best connection. More choice means more flexibility and in many cases, flexibility improves the user experience.

– Transparency

The point is to make sure your VPN provider is honest about what data they collect. Some VPN providers are dishonest and you need to be careful with them. Transparency also includes a “clear” privacy policy. Some unprofessional providers deliberately offer ambiguous privacy policies to confuse those who read them. And their goal is “legitimate data theft” as a result of not reading the policy carefully.

– Avoid VPN services originating from authoritarian countries

It would be ridiculous to rely on VPN services from countries like North Korea, China, and/or Myanmar. That is tantamount to giving the governments of these countries access to our valuable data. Therefore, choose VPN services based in democratic countries.

So, are you ready to choose the best VPN service? You can click here to learn more about VPNs!

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