Unveiling the Best Weapons and Legends in Apex Legends


Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. Since its surprise launch in February 2019, Apex Legends has quickly become one of the most famous battles royale titles alongside heavyweight competitors like Fortnite and PUBG.

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In this in-depth blog post, we’ll dive deeply into everything you need to know about Apex Legends. We’ll cover topics like gameplay overview, characters and abilities, weapons, maps, strategies, gameplay tips, ranked leagues, seasonal updates, esports scene, mobile version, and the future of Apex Legends. Let’s jump in!

Gameplay Overview of Apex Legends

Like other battle royale titles, Apex Legends drops 20 three-person squads onto a large map, where they scavenge for weapons and battle to be the last team standing. What makes Apex Legends unique is its incorporation of different playable characters (“Legends”) with unique abilities, team-focused gameplay mechanics, and a faster pace than contemporaries like PUBG.

Some key gameplay features include:

– 8 unique character classes, each with a passive, tactical, and ultimate ability. Abilities range from defensive moves to mobility to air strikes.

  • Jumpmaster system where one player can guide the initial jump and skydive for their squad.
  • The respawning system lets you bring killed teammates back into the match at designated respawn beacons.
  • Ping communication system to quickly point out weapons, enemies, objectives and more to your squad.
  • Large arsenal of primary weapons, sidearms, attachments, armour, gear and consumable items to loot.
  • Priority is on team-focused play, like sharing healing items and coordinating your chosen Legend’s abilities.

Combining unique Legends, respawning, advanced communication, and teamwork creates a fresh dynamic rarely seen in battle royale titles. Matches unfold quickly, emphasizing skill-based gunplay and tactics over slow camp fests.

Introducing the Legends

Apex Legends initially launched with eight playable character classes called Legends. The roster has since expanded to over 15 permanent Legends and a few limited-time ones. Here’s a quick introduction to some of the most famous Legends:

Bloodhound: Technological tracker that can follow enemy trails, highlight foes, and see through obstacles.

Gibraltar: Defensive tank that can shield teammates and call in aerial bombardments.

Wraith: Interdimensional skirmisher that can teleport over distances and warn of danger.

Pathfinder: Friendly combat robot that utilizes a grappling hook for mobility and deploys zip lines.

Bangalore: Professional soldier specializing in speed and assault, calling in artillery strikes.

Caustic: Sociopathic scientist that uses noxious gas traps to damage enemies.

Octane: High-speed daredevil that stimulates health regen and bounces on jump pads.

Wattson: Static defender capable of placing electric fences and Trophy pylons to block incoming fire.

Each Legend caters to different playstyles and synergizes well with specific teammates. Finding your favorite Legends and Squad compositions is critical to success in Apex Legends.

Ultimate Abilities

Every Legend has a powerful Ultimate ability that charges over time during matches. Here are some of the most impactful Ultimate abilities:

– Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment launches an artillery strike on a position.

  • Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder calls in a bomber strike that slowly creeps across the map.
  • Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt boosts speed and highlights enemies bright red.
  • Wraith’s Dimensional Rift opens two connected portals to teleport her team.  
  • Lifeline’s Care Package summons a drop pod with high-tier defensive gear and items.
  • Crypto’s Drone EMP charges and detonates an electromagnetic pulse that damages enemy shields.
  • Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade blankets a large area in deadly poisonous gas.
  • Wattson’s Interception Pylon places a Tesla coil that destroys incoming ordnance.

Clever usage of Ultimate abilities at critical moments can completely shift the tide of battle in your favour. But use them well, and you may save a precious opportunity!

Detailed Overview of Weapon Classes

Apex Legends contains a vast arsenal of primary weapons, sidearms, attachments, and consumable gear to find across maps. Let’s overview the different weapon classes:

Assault Rifles: Versatile automatic rifles like the R-301, Flatline, and Havoc. Great for medium-range fights.

SMGs: Lightweight, high fire-rate weapons like the Volt, CAR, and Prowler shred at close range.

LMGs: Heavy, hard-hitting guns like the Devotion, Rampage, and L-STAR pack a punch.

Sniper Rifles: Long-range powerhouses like the Longbow, Triple-Take, and Sentinel for poke damage.

Shotguns: Up close devastators like the Peacekeeper, EVA-8, and Mastiff.

Marksman Rifles: Harassing fire rifles like the Bocek, 30-30 Repeater, and G7 Scout.

Pistols: Sidearms like the RE-45, P2020 and Wingman revolver.

Melee: Heirloom melee cosmetics and standard melee attacks.

Each gun type suits different combat situations. Learning weapon strengths and mastering the various recoil patterns separates the beginners from the experts. You’ll want to get familiar with attachments like barrels, magazines, stocks, hop-ups and more that improve your weapons’ performance.

The Mastery of Movement

Movement techniques set Apex Legends apart from contemporaries and are critical to Master. Let’s discuss some fundamental advanced movement mechanics:

Sliding: Sliding across terrain gives you a burst of speed and makes you harder to hit. Chaining slides together is pivotal.

Crouch Strafing: Repeatedly crouching left and right during gunfights throws off enemy aim. Bind crouch to a mouse button.

Jump Spamming: Jumping repeatedly has a similar effect to crouch strafing for dodging shots.

Zipline Jumping: You gain momentum for crossing gaps and evasion by jumping as you hit a zipline.

Wall Jumping: Strategically jumping off walls boosts your mobility in certain areas.

Grapple Slingshots: Grapple points can be used with Pathfinder to slingshot yourself at high speeds.

Sharing Heals and Loot

Apex Legends thrives on squad play. Share healing items, armour, ammo and other loot with teammates in need. Lifeline can deploy a healing drone to patch up the whole squad. Likewise, don’t hoard loot – spread it out so your team is most vital. Check what weapons and ammo types your teammates are using and share accordingly.

Respawning Squadmates

When a teammate gets eliminated, you can bring them back into the match by collecting their banner within 90 seconds and delivering it to the next respawn beacon you see. This keeps your squad at full strength. Make respawning teammates a priority unless it’s too dangerous to pull off.

Demonstrating Mastery of Map Terrain

Apex currently rotates between 5 different maps with varied terrain:  

  • World’s Edge – Fire and ice-themed area with geysers, lava, and industrial zones.
  • Kings Canyon is a tropical island filled with ruined settlements and military facilities.
  • Olympus is a futuristic city in the clouds with towering skyscrapers and transparent floors.
  • Storm Point – Dangerous jungle environment packed with dangerous wildlife and strong winds.
  • Broken Moon – Lunar map with low gravity zones and breached domes.

Learn the best spots for loot, high-ground positions, jump towers, and recognition points unique to each map. Use terrain smartly – don’t take fights in open areas; utilize chokepoints to your advantage.

Fundamental Game Modes in Apex Legends

Let’s explore the major game modes available in Apex Legends:

Battle Royale: The core 20-team 60-player mode where you loot, fight and survive to be the Apex Champion.

Arenas: 3v3 team deathmatch mode with rounds, economy and respawns. The first to win three rounds wins.

Ranked Leagues: Competitive version of Battle Royale with skill-based ranks from Bronze to Apex Predator.

Limited-Time Modes: Special limited-run variants like Always Be Closing (ring never stops closing), Winter Express, Control mode, and more.

While Battle Royale is the signature mode, Arenas provide quick, concentrated team fights, and ranked introduces ratings and leaderboards. Limited modes add variety.

Ranked Leagues and Competitive Play

For players seeking competitive play, Ranked Leagues is the premier mode. It takes the main Battle Royale gameplay but adds skill-based ranks:

Bronze – Entry level for new ranked players. Goes up to Bronze 3.

Silver – For players with some skill. They are divided into four tiers.

Gold – The middle tier is where gameplay gets serious.

Platinum – High skill level with good game sense and aim. Four divisions total.

Diamond – Very high skill reserved for top players. Increased entry fees.

Master & Apex Predator – The pro ranks where only the best can compete. Long queue times.

Ranks reset every split (roughly halfway through a season). You can climb through the tiers by earning competitive points (CP) and finishing in the top 5. Advancing to the highest tiers, like Master, requires great skill.

Ranked introduces entry fees, seasonal dive trails as rewards, and much better matchmaking against those of similar skill. For pros, only Apex Predator offers a chance to become the regional #1 Predator by gaining the most CP in your region.

Crafting System

Apex Legends features a crafting system that allows you to spend crafting materials at Replicator stations across the map to purchase valuable loot like weapon attachments, consumable items, and armour.

Here’s a quick rundown of crafting:

  • Earn materials by picking up crafters scattered around the map or passing drones.
  • Visit Replicator stations to spend materials on items rotating in the crafting menu.
  • Crafting rotations change regularly, both per match and each season.
  • Replicators are guaranteed to obtain the gear you need without relying entirely on RNG loot.
  • Everyday purchases include scopes, extended magazines, batteries, med kits and upgraded armour.
  • You can also use Replicators to upgrade existing armour pieces to higher tiers.
  • Crafting is proper but exposes you, so use Replicators strategically between fights.

Mastering the crafting system provides more agency in acquiring the weapons, attachments and gear you need to win matches.

Helpful Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Want to improve your Apex Legends skills and earn more wins with your squad? Here are some top gameplay tips and tricks:

  • Fine-tune your sensitivity settings to find your optimal aiming comfort zone.
  • Crouch strafes and fires in bursts during duels to outplay opponents.
  • Ping everything – enemies, locations, weapons, loot and objects to communicate with your team.
  • Change up your landing spot each match to keep things fresh and unpredictable.
  • Focus on taking intelligent fights. Third-party enemies already weakened is a sound strategy.
  • Use verticality. Take the high ground when possible and use balloons or Valkyrie’s jetpack to reposition.
  • Use doors to block pursuing enemies or buy time to heal. Equally, kick down doors for the element of surprise.
  • In ranked, survival is essential. Don’t take unneeded risks and avoid combat without good cause.
  • Move as a squad. Sticking together is paramount so you can assist and defrag for each other.

Adopting these tips will sharpen your skills over time. But most importantly, stay calm under pressure in hectic battles and make strategic decisions.

How the Meta Regularly Shifts

The current season’s meta always brings a fresh evolution of the weapon hierarchy, Legend pick rates and abilities, loot distribution and more.

Some examples of significant meta shake-ups include:

  • New weapon additions like the CAR SMG and Ash’s sniper rifle dramatically shift viability.
  • Legend reworks and buffs/nerfs changing popularity, like Gibraltar’s dome shield or Caustic’s gas damage.
  • Ground loot changes altering the early game, such as removing level 1 helmets.
  • Hop-up additions give new weapon combos like the Precision Choke or Dual Shell.
  • Map updates and changes force new approaches, like the Icarus launch pads on Olympus.
  • Central Legend releases establishing must-pick characters like Horizon on arrival.

Apex Legends does an excellent job of frequently mixing up the meta to prevent stagnation. It would help to stay adaptable and observant of the evolving optimal strategies each season.

Review of Battle Pass & Cosmetics

Apex utilizes a seasonal Battle Pass system with time-limited challenges and cosmetic rewards. Here’s an overview:

  • Each season lasts roughly three months and brings a new Battle Pass.
  • The free track has rewards for all players. Premium pass costs 950 Apex Coins.
  • Pass contains themed skins, emotes, charms, banners, apex packs, materials and more.
  • Complete daily and seasonal challenges to level up your pass tier and earn rewards.
  • Hitting level 110 before the season ends completes the pass, letting you unlock all premium rewards.

In addition to the Battle Pass, Apex sells exclusive cosmetics, including flashy weapon and Legend skins, skydive emotes, finishers, intro quips and more. Support the game while looking stylish!

Esports Scene & Competitive Play

Apex Legends has a thriving competitive esports scene. Significant events and tournaments include:

Apex Legends Global Series is EA’s official esports program with online and LAN events. Over $5 million yearly prizes.

  • ALGS Championships – Yearly world championship event at the end of the competitive season.  Massive prize pools.
  • Premier tournaments like GLL Masters, Esports Arena Series, PGL Cups and more independent competitions.
  • Scrims – High-skill private custom matches between pro teams used for practice.

The competitive meta differs from the standard play, focusing more on placement and survival. Top esports legends include Wraith, Valkyrie, Wattson, Crypto and others. Teamwork is paramount, with the best squads leveraging coordinated abilities and positioning.

Apex Mobile Version

Apex Legends Mobile, launched in 2022, provides a handheld battle royale experience customized for touch controls. Key features include:

  • New mobile-first Legend like Fade designed for touch gameplay.
  • Simplified loot system and UI optimized for smaller screens.
  • Randomized recoil patterns rather than learnable spray patterns.
  • Exclusive cosmetics, season content, and events are built for mobile gamers.
  • Cross-progression allows you to sync select items with the console and PC.

While still staying true to the core Apex Legends formula, Apex Legends Mobile adapts the formula into one of the best mobile FPS experiences on the market with satisfying gunplay and abilities.

The Future of Apex Legends

Apex Legends has remained strong since releasing in 2019, with each new season bringing fresh content and innovations that keep the game feeling brand new.

The roadmap for the future looks bright:

  • Ongoing new Legend releases to expand the roster and possible squad compositions.
  • New maps, map updates and map rotation changes.
  • Continued evolution of the meta thanks to balance changes and new gear.
  • Limited-time modes and special events to regularly shake things up.
  • The next generation console release as PS5 and Xbox Series X ownership expands.
  • Further polish and additions to the mobile version.
  • I am growing the esports ecosystem with higher prize pools, viewership and sponsorships.

Given the expert stewardship of Respawn Entertainment and the hungry fanbase, expect Apex Legends to continue its reign as a top multiplayer shooter for years to come.

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With its foundation of solid gunplay, diverse Legends, and innovations like respawning, Apex Legends succeeds both as a competitive sport and a casual party experience. The high skill ceiling offers endless room for players to improve their movement, aim, game sense and strategy. Regular new updates and battle passes will ensure the game stays a powerhouse in the ongoing battle royale evolution.

For newcomers and veterans, Apex Legends provides one of the most complete multiplayer FPS experiences across PC and console. The game remains accessible for casual players while simultaneously catering to hardcore fans. Give Apex Legends a shot today if you crave chaotic and strategic squad-based survival action that you can’t find anywhere else. Just make sure to ping your loot!

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