Understanding the Common Features of Franking Machines

Documentation is a crucial part of running and operating any form of business. On a daily basis, a significant amount of post mails are undertaken. Integrating technological tools that automate the manual processes in sending postage saves time and improves productivity.

One such tool is a franking machine. The process of accessing, handling and processing postage is known as franking. The primary role of a franking machine is to eliminate manual procedures like stamping or giving a correct count of the number of post mails. This comes in handy when a bulk order is required to be processed.

To add on, a franking machine is not a one-size-fits-all solution! They are available in all models ranging from entry-level to sophisticated ones. Franking machines render all-scale economies and are best suited for all kinds of businesses. The preconceived notion of it being optimal only for large companies is faulty. Even for a small business, a franking machine can process the following functions:

  • process 15 to 30 letters every minute
  • weigh a letter or package between 2.5 to 5 kg
  • Assist in tracking range of 10 to 30 cost accounts.

Advantages of Integrating a Franking Machine

Time and cost-efficient

Which functional business will want to make several trips to the post office because they got the stamp wrong? Franking your mails is a very effective way of saving time as the machine not only selects the appropriate stamp for the postage but also posts it for the company. Moreover, as the pricing of frank machines will be based on ink, it turns out to be much cheaper than normal posting. There is a reduction in cost with a very high margin, which results in being profitable for the business.

Accuracy and track of inventory

In the cases of bulk orders, keeping an accurate track of the total number of letters or parcels is tricky and is often prone to human error. Automating this simple step increases accuracy and saves the business from sending out incorrect postage. To add on, the franking machines select the accurate stamps for the letters, which ensures no unnecessary billing takes place.

Advertising and professional outlook

Branding is a very crucial aspect that assists in generating visibility. Franking machines allow companies to customise and personalise all their send-outs, hence giving a professional outlook that helps with the advertising.

Features of Franking machines

Envelope feeder

A feeding system allows the user to enter the letter or parcel that can range from a thickness level of 6mm to 20mm. Note that the thickness can vary based on the model of the franking machine. This is where your postage enters the machine to be franked. Envelope feeding can be done manually, semi-automatically or automatically, depending on the type of machine integrated.

Weighing scale

Postage is stamped and sent across depending on the weight. The weighing scale is attached to the franking machine that accurately measures the parcel. A franking machine can weigh a letter or a parcel ranging between 2.5kg and 30kg depending on the make and model.

Smart meter technology

The majority of the modern franking machines have smart meter technology which is mandatory while accessing any form of VAT service. It allows users to use the service in blue ink. The company can regain their accessibility to VAT service by simply automating the invoices they receive from the Royal Mail.

Mail mark

It is advisable to integrate the mail mark technology in the franking machines if one wants to comply with the requirement of the lowest franking prices. Note that this is an optional service; hence it won’t be accessible through all the models of the franking machines. The mail mark applies a 2D barcode on the outsourced mail, which is further scanned and eligible for lower prices.

Postage Rates

Installing the postage rates feature in the franking machine ensures the precise rate is being applied on the letter or parcel. Due to the technological trends, the rates of franking mail keep fluctuating; hence integrating this feature in the system allows one to be familiar with the current rate pertinent to the postage.

Analog and LAN connectivity

A franking machine requires some form of connectivity to automate the procedure. The same is acquired through Analog or LAN connectivity. The traditional method of carrying out the process is through an analogue connection, but LAN connection is gaining more popularity with technological advancement.


The function of a franking machine is not limited to simply sealing, stamping and posting. Tracking the postage expenditure is a very important feature as it ensures accountability in situations of an imbalance in the balance sheets. Not only does this help a company set its budget, but it also allows users to monitor the expenses.

In the end

Franking your mails is a good idea! With all the businesses getting streamlined due to automation, postage should not be missed out, given that it is such a crucial part of any organisation.

Invoking authority and professionalism is the end goal of the companies, which can be attained through franking. Hopping on this wagon will only assist a company in reaping fruits.

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