Types of Vapes: A Guide to Choose Properly

Many people have adopted vaping as the new normal. It presents a way to relax the nerves without dealing with various health issues of other nicotine delivery systems. People interested in vaping need to know the different types of vape devices alongside the juices before deciding.

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However, the type of vape device you will need is the first decision you need to make as a new vaper. Unfortunately, the many forms of vapes on the market can leave one confused. Besides, the vaping world is continually expanding. As a result, there are many forms of the device with their pros and cons.

This article will explore various vape devices and the unique features for people who wish to consider vaping.

1.   Disposable E-Cigs

The most popular vape types available today are disposable electronic cigarettes. It is recommended for people who are new to vaping and want to try it out. Besides, people who are not interested in long-term vaping experience are good candidates for disposable e-cigs. This device allows users to enjoy nicotine quickly.

This, however, might not be the best choice for people heavily hooked on other forms of nicotine delivery systems. Their batteries are not strong enough to give a potent flavor essential to satisfy their craving. Besides, users should not expect a strong nicotine base.

2.   Vape Pods

Vape pod is a pretty new technology that is gradually gaining acceptance with vapers. While it is a little bigger than the cigalike counterpart, the operation is similar. A disposable pod holds the atomizer and the vape juice. When you are done with the juice, you discard the old pod and buy a replacement that you can fit right in place using a magnet.

The voltage from vape pods is pretty high compared to rechargeable cigalikes. As a result, they satisfy users well. However, they use a smaller battery which doesn’t serve them for too long.

3.   Vape or Box Mods

While a pod, e-cig, or vape pen will satisfy a vaper, others who prefer a pretty strong vaping experience go for vape mods. It was once called advanced personal vaporizer but is now called box mods. They come in a series of designs, sizes, and types and are well suited for people who want the ultimate vape experience.

The battery can be in-built, removable, or rechargeable. With the sophisticated controls, you can customize the device and have a personalized vaping experience. The temperature control setting helps ensure that the batteries, coil, and other accessories do not dry burn.

Users get a huge vape volume with box mods. Their tanks come in various types, making it essential to have one compatible with your device. Box mods guarantee a long battery life with powerful lung hits and superb performance. You can get the best vape juice deals online to experiment before you get the perfect one.

4.   Rechargeable Cigalike E-Cig

This is a terrific choice for people who are transitioning from other nicotine delivery systems to rechargeable cigalikes. They are electronic devices with a USB cable for charging, a rechargeable battery, and a clearomizer or cartomizer.

A clearomizer is an atomizer that comes with a cartridge linked to the battery to make handling easy. With this mechanism, you get more vapor and flavor quality. One advantage of cigalike is the opportunity to vape indoors without coming off as a nuisance and disturbing people with secondary vapor.

5.   Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods, also called Mech mods, are advanced vape mods. They come in big, unregulated mods that are powered from the battery’s voltage.

It is impossible to adjust Mech mods as their power is a factor in the user’s strength when inhaling, not the device’s setting. They can be used with freebase nicotine vape juice located inside the tank linked to the mod.

Unlike other standard mods, Mech mods can be dangerous since there are not many safety features.

6.   Pen Style Mods

Pen-Style mods are like an upgrade of e-cig in that it allows users to satisfy their exact need. It comes with a mod shaped like a pen that keeps the battery and tank, which houses the vape juice alongside the coil. There are series of customizable options thanks to the output setting.

It is a comfortable vape to use and portable enough for people who love freebase nicotine and are fascinated by the vapor clouds.

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7.   Vaporizers

A portable vaporizer is the best choice for people who want to vape herbs, waxes, oils, dabs, and other concentrates. While it is a pretty unique product, it remains one of the most popular vapes that have successfully attracted many people. Herb vaporizer comes in various types based on features, size, power, and design.

While some are portable, others are huge with impressive power. There are built-in batteries which adds to the comfort. Vaporizers come with the advantage of allowing users to switch easily between waxes, dabs, oils, and herbs by simply removing some hardware.

8.   Squonk Mods

The popularity of dripping has made squonk mods popular. Dripping is a contemporary vaping form that employs a bottom-fed (RDA) rebuildable atomizer. The RDA is hollow, allowing the vape juice to sip through to the tank’s bottom. Inside it is cotton that passes through the coil to the tank.

There is also a rubber bottle that ensures the cotton sucks the vape juice when squeezed on releasing, the liquid seeps back into the tank. One can also squeeze the fluid, which makes it rise and wet the coil. The demand for squonk mods is expected to rise over the years.

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This article has described various forms of vape devices with unique characteristics alongside some pros and cons peculiar to each. It can guide users towards the choice of the perfect device for them.

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