Treating Varicose or Spider Veins: The Need For Sclerotherapy.

Varicose or Spider veins are when you notice the veins under your skin to be twisted and swollen. The cause of this condition is still unknown by medical professionals, but there is a treatment for it.

Varicose is generally noticed in the area situated on the legs. The patient may feel some discomfort and pain if the condition is untreated. Although treating it on time is necessary, it may get worse with time. To treat Varicose veins sclerotherapy treatments in Boise are suggested to patients to get rid of the bulging veins.

We would be discussing the need for Sclerotherapy, and along with that, we would also be discussing the procedure of Sclerotherapy.

Why do you need Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is the treatment that is needed to cure Varicose veins. Varicose veins, also known as Spider veins, are a medical condition that causes the veins to pop up from the underlying layer of your skin and reverses the blood flow of the affected area. 

This may not cause severe pain but may still look ugly on the skin. Some symptoms you might notice before developing varicose veins include swelling on the skin, veins turning purple in color, itching, and bruises on the skin. 

Some patients with severe conditions of varicose veins may also notice this while performing any activity like walking and standing for a prolonged amount of time and might also feel a burning sensation on the affected area.

The procedure of Sclerotherapy.

The procedure of Sclerotherapy is fairly simple and does not take a large amount of time. The medical professionals will inject a solution of salt or foam into the veins of the affected area with a fine needle. At this point, the patient might feel cramps and pain in the affected area for a couple of minutes until the injected solution has been neutralized in the veins. 

The number of procedures a patient would require will depend on the size and shape of the spider veins, and the medication would be decided on the situation. A patient’s frequency of Sclerotherapy sessions would be decided based on how far the spider veins have spread across the body.

A surgeon or dermatologist will perform sclerotherapy at a medical facility, and the patient would be suggested to avoid aerobic activity for a couple of days.

If you are suffering from varicose veins, we suggest you consult an experienced medical professional and get Sclerotherapy done from them as soon as possible.

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