Transform Your Home With These Tips For Home Décor Online

Home is where the heart is. Your home décor says a lot about your likes, style sense, and overall personality. That’s why it’s important to select furniture and themes accordingly to represent yourself at best, giving you the feel of ‘home’ instantly. Stylish and function-driven furniture from manufacturers like Wakefit, can make a whole room look trendy, timeless, and remain functional too. In addition, incorporating subtle changes like an accent wall, adding accessories, or getting new lighting in your dedicated space can enhance the overall positive vibe of the home.

Regardless, whether you have an existing interior décor theme that needs an uplift or you want to set it from scratch, use these simple tips that’ll have you sigh a heave of relief to be home, every time you walk in!

Striking home décor tips:

1)     Give personality to your foyer

The entryway or foyer area is probably the first dedicated space you and your loved ones enter into. Let’s admit, it is also the place you tend to dump our car keys, wallets, masks, and sanitizers after entering in. Why not spruce this area up to create an attractive entry space while keeping it functional and organized too? Even if you don’t have a grand entry space, introduce a small console table. Style the wall above with a sleek mirror for you to get a peek of yourself as you leave home. The mirror will automatically make the area look larger too. Pick small jewellery stands online and place them on the console to hold the inexpensive accessories that you absolutely cannot miss when leaving home. The overall display put together, adds richness to the area.

2)    Decorative wall clocks

Wall clocks are the hottest trending item in home décor. We are not talking about the boring, round clocks that have no character. But the ones that multi-function as a decorative piece yet tell time! It helps you get the best of two worlds. Place a colorful wall clock on a pristine white wall and you’ll easily have an eye-catching wall décor. Since wall clocks are not that expensive, you could even start building a collection of them that shows different time zones (also the best way to keep a tab of time in relevant time zones to you).

3)    Freshen up your walls

A little makeup on your face only enhances your existing beauty. Your walls too could do with a touch-up with a fresh coat of paint. While most families would run away from choosing white paint for the fear of dirtying it easily, Truoba home designers have the opposite opinion. It’s easy to maintain using a magic eraser and works as the perfect background for a curated gallery of personal pictures.

4)    Rugs and patterns

Want to instantly freshen up a room while making it cozy? Add a large plain rug and place a patterned ottoman or seating option. Choose lighter colors to make the room look larger and for the rest of the furniture to pop out in color.

5)    Rearrange existing furniture

The eyes get bored of seeing the same furniture placement throughout the year. Chuck symmetry and experiment to create new comfortable corners in your living area or bedrooms by mixing and matching existing side tables and chairs.

6)    Mix metallic finishes

All that blings isn’t gold but the bling certainly adds a statement. Replace an existing lighting option with a bold metallic light fixture or introduce a shiny gold LED lights on your dining table to instantly uplift your space.

7)    Wall art for living room

Bored of the usual paintings, photos, and mirrors option to make your living room unique? Add pieces like the Wakefit Hamlet wall shelf to your bare walls to display your most prized possessions. It’s the aesthetic design itself that makes for unique wall art on your wall. Add books, small vases, succulent plants, small art pieces- the list is endless to create your personal wall art!

8)    Table lamps

If you thought table lamps are only for bedroom spaces, think again. Lighting is everything when it comes to creating a dramatic look in a room. Consider using table lamps for living room to create a cozy feel for an evening soiree or when just unwinding. Pick striking colors and designs for the base while keeping the lampshade plain or pleated.

9)    Potted plants

Use nature as your inspiration and add indoor plants to instantly uplift your home. DIY an existing pot by spray painting it or by repotting an existing plant into a weave basket. Interior decorators swear by this tip as it can instantly add color and movement to an otherwise style stagnant living room.

Your home is your personal canvas. Feel free to experiment with different trends using accessories like throws, blankets, cushions, rugs, and a range of lighting options. Enter a new home, every time you add our tips above!

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