Toshiba Air Fryer Salmon Specialist is a New Microwave in Town.

The ML2 EC10SA-BS 8-1 Toshiba air fryer salmon specialist has entered the industry with new performance benchmarks and built-in tech, which makes it a top recommendation for everyone. Read this article to find out more.

Highlights: Toshiba ML2-EC10SA is a countertop microwave that looks like every other metal-cased Microwave but packs 8-in-1 functions, air fry, a grill, an odor removal foundation, defrost and low temp, baking and combi. For decades, Toshiba has been known for its excellent quality consumer electronics, and this one is no exception. Let us dive into it.

The microwave box is the standard carton with solid protection, which I admire. Inside, you will find the Microwave itself covered in styrofoam blocks and another safety packing. Other things in the box include a glass turntable and its turntable ring assembly, a bake-rack tray, a manual, and a recipe book which is nice to see from Toshiba; otherwise, most of the brands don’t provide you with recipe books to get going. Other small things I have yet to see in different microwaves are that this one can be muted! Yes, it can be muted from those annoying sounds microwaves are accustomed to making. It lacks voice commands which are now available in other models released by Toshiba but still, the performance and features of this Microwave are worth considering.

Spec Sheet:

On the back side, you will find the technical specifications, the ones you need to know are these:

Capacity: 1 Cubic Foot

Weight: 19Kg

Wattage: 1500 Watts

Made: China

Type: Countertop

Operation Voltage: 110volts

Aesthetics:  The entire construction is done in premium feel metal, and it’s so phenomenal to realize that it has an air fryer in a microwave shell and does many other things. It has an excellent clearance of three inches for all sides of its glass turntable. The front is in a black color scheme which was not that glossy, but it looks like a very well-made shell and has an industrial design. The outer shell extending on the front edges is also made of stainless steel, and I love how well-built it is. I like the black and steel color schemes on consumer electronics, which is the perfect match for my taste.

The mode selector and timer can be accessed from a thick knob that is smooth to rotate, and other modes can be accessed with the touch panel like any different microwave. The size is quite big compared to the usual one cubic feet ovens, but considering how much it does, that can be forgiven. Overall, the Microwave is very well-built, which is why it won the Red Dot Design in 2021 for its best microwave design.

Performance: When I started the review here, I mentioned salmon with the name of this Microwave; it is because the air fryer of this Microwave works so well for the salmon fish, and every time I tried, the fish was evenly fried, and at the end of the day, it is healthy to eat. That is why I named it Toshiba air fryer salmon specialist.

I am very much satisfied with the performance and efficiency of this Microwave, and it exceeds many other standalone kitchen appliances on which one may have to spend hundreds of dollars. Still, here, this Microwave can do it all. Let it be your bread, hot dogs, or anything you want to bake or air dry on the go; this Microwave will do in a significant way, at least for me, it did. And I have no reservations regarding its performance, especially at this price.

Final Verdict:  The ML2 EC10SA-BS 8-1 Toshiba air fryer is a bang for the buck and performs in almost every aspect one may think of. You can bake your bread, cakes, and pizzas, remove odors from meat, and defrost and Microwave your cold pasta just like every other meal. This Microwave is an easy recommendation for just 229 dollars at the time of writing at Amazon. It retains a customer satisfaction score of more than three thousand plus customers. The recipe book out of the box is also great; overall, I would give a solid 7.5 to my favorite Toshiba air fryer salmon specialist microwave.

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