Top Tips For First Time Renters

Moving out of your parents’ house is a natural progression that starts with renting your first apartment. Moving out on your own offers a lot of exciting freedom, but it also entails a great deal of responsibility. It’s a big deal to be a first-time tenant. You are independent and free to do as you please, whenever you please. It also entails paying for non-customary services (such as utilities). I’ve been in your position before, completely clueless about what I was doing. However, I grew and learned from it. You could say that I’m an “intermediate adult” acting in ways typical of an adult.

Make the most of your first apartment experience. Take heed of these tips for first-time renters and you’ll be able to navigate and relish every part of renting! 

Budget wisely

Creating an apartment budget can assist you in saving money for your initial rental. Even after you move in, sticking to your spending plans will help you save more money for things like rent, utilities, home furnishings, and other expenses. For your first apartment, you should never rent more than you can reasonably afford. Rent should not account for more than 30% of your gross income. Another budgeting strategy to adhere to is the 50/30/20 rule, which will allow you to set aside money for the security deposit or the first month’s rent. 

Take your needs into account

When you are looking for an apartment, refer back to the needs checklist you created. Yes, you did create one, right? Your needs and wants for your apartment are very different. These are the features that will make you feel most at home, and they are your must-haves. You will require an apartment close to public transportation if you don’t have a car. Pet owners must locate a community that welcomes and cares for their four-legged companions.

Take a tour of the apartment

Renters can now easily view new homes from a distance thanks to online apartment tours. Still, nothing beats a good old fashioned walking tour of the apartment to get a feel for the local area. Make an appointment for a tour with an apartment community to gain an understanding of the design, the atmosphere of the neighbourhood, and the daily upkeep of the facilities, such as the fitness centre and trash collection area. When you go on a tour with the property manager, make inquiries.

Know what utilities are included

Certain apartments might have utilities included, while others might not. Include utilities in your search if you think they’ll be important because they can impact your budget. Discuss the utilities that will be added to each rent payment with your property manager. Some communities, for example, bill their tenants directly for water usage, rather than requiring them to open an account with the city. If so, instead of paying the local water department, you will include the amount owed with each rent payment. 

Befriend your neighbours

Making friends with your neighbours is one of the top tips to make the most of your first apartment. Making friends with your neighbours can help you communicate about your plans to have guests over later in the evening. This will allow you to let them know about the noise in advance and prevent the need for a passive-aggressive note to be left on your door in the morning. You’ll feel more at ease approaching your neighbours to do small favours for you, like picking up the mail while you’re away. But be sure you can repay the favour if you ask for one of these! 

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