Top Reasons For Your Site Traffic Dropped

It is painful for every marketer when their hard-earned traffic disappears, and it is even more painful when it disappears completely. These are hardly flattering things to make about a marketer, and they would never be tolerated. People frequently blame Google algorithms for traffic declines, although this isn’t always the case. Other times, your website may experience a decrease in visitors. The exact reasons behind this.

1. The first step is to switch over to HTTPS from HTTP.

After Google announced that non-secure pages would be flagged with a large red X, many websites migrated to HTTPS. As you migrate from HTTP to HTTPS, use 301 redirects to ensure that you get the results you want. If done incorrectly, this might result in a reduction in traffic.

2. Page Analytics has been inaccessible.

As a result of the accidental deletion of page data, visitors have declined.  It’s possible that analytics were unintentionally removed from specific websites, or those analytics were removed on purpose.

3. Directives using the keyword NoIndex

Previously, developers would employ no index directives in the website’s configuration file to prevent search terms from indexing the site. This may be the finest of development environments; nevertheless, developers often overlook this little element when websites are updated, leading traffic to drop. Go ahead and take care of your problems right away.

4. Inadequate Quality Content on the Website

In the digital world, content has always been referred to as the King, and it is responsible for driving website traffic. Write and publish SEO friendly articles. Check here to learn about website optimisation with SEO.

5. Penalties Inflicted by the Search Engine

The client may seek assistance after discovering that their website has gone from visible to invisible. A penalty is imposed for such dramatic adjustments. A search engine such as Google has established rigorous criteria for page ranking that are subject to a penalty, and anyone caught abusing the system faces a penalty.

6. Problems with the Website’s Technical Infrastructure

The technique entails looking at the technical side of things before figuring out why traffic is down. If you look closely, you’ll notice that a site issue rather than Google causes a drop in visits or traffic. You may continue there if you’re satisfied your site has no server issues, 404s, CSS or code mistakes, or indexing errors in robots.txt.

7. Failing to provide your customer with accurate information.

People want to see more openness and think about how a company operates ethically. They want companies to come to them with accurate and helpful information.

8. A new website is in construction

Changing the design of a client’s website frequently results in a reduction in traffic. It’s possible that the interlinking or the new site structure weren’t appropriately applied on the new website. Adding new photos and videos to your website might slow it down and cause search engines to reject them.


Neglecting the drop in website traffic might result in significant consequences. To ensure that this does not occur, take note of all of the causes above and address your issues as soon as possible.

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