Top 9 Things to Pair With Coffee This Summer

Coffee is a versatile and delicious drink that goes with most foods. Yet, there are a few food items that do not pair well with coffee. That can ruin its flavor and leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Thus, finding the right pair of food with coffee can make your day good and your coffee delicious. Also, it gives you a perfect chance to flaunt your favorite Nespresso pods coffee with decadent food. From pastries to spicy food, a lot go with coffee, and even herbs complement this beverage. However, keeping the weather in mind when pairing things with coffee is essential. For instance, there are a few food items that sound incredible with coffee in summers. But they may not go with coffee during the winter season.

Thus, in this blog, we will list some delicious food & herbs that you can pair with coffee during summers.

1. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in flavor. It has a deep & dark flavor which goes well with coffee due to its bitter notes. Thus, dark chocolate is a wonderful option to pair with coffee. You can enjoy a dark chocolate bar with your warm cup of espresso or latte. Or you can eat a rich dark chocolate cake that one sounds incredibly delicious.

Another way to pair dark chocolate is to melt a bar and stir in your brew for a delicious mocha.

2. Cinnamon

If you want to pair a herb with your coffee, cinnamon is the best bet. You can brew it up with your coffee or sprinkle some on the end product. It is an interesting herb to add to your cup of joe because it adds a complementary flavor to your coffee without the extra calories.

Also, it has tons of health benefits like increasing your immunity, helping you burn fat, and leveling your cholesterol.

3. Rice pudding

Coffee, whether it is dark or light roast works well with dessert. If you like to drink dark bold roasted coffee, a sweet dessert with a hint of vanilla in it is perfect to pair with coffee.

4. Peanut butter and banana sandwich

If you drink medium-roasted coffee, try a peanut butter & banana sandwich with your cup of joe. The sweetness of natural peanut butter goes incredible with medium-roast coffee. The banana is a creamy fruit that goes deliciously well with your medium roast Nespresso pods coffee.

5. Bacon with your light/dark roast coffee

Want to try something savory with your coffee? Then bacon is the best thing to eat with your espresso. It is savory, fatty, and full of flavors that complement your espresso well. Also, you can try bacon with your latte or cappuccino too, but to get the best out of the pair, try espresso.

A perfect breakfast for the champions- coffee and bacon!

6. Honey

Another herb that you can add to your coffee to enhance its taste is honey. It is an organic sweetener that is a bit healthier than regular sugar. Though, it does have calories and you should use it in moderation as well.

Honey can increase your metabolism, especially when you add it to coffee.

7. Baked bagels

Baked goods of all kinds like croissants or bagels go amazingly well with coffee. If you love to drink light or medium roast coffee, try eating savory bagels. They make for a great midnight snack or morning breakfast.

If you love sweet bagels, pair them with a light roast. Nothing can beat this pair any time of the day.

8. Scrambled eggs

Want another breakfast food idea that pairs well with coffee? Then try scrambled eggs. They are perfect for breakfast as eggs are high in protein and can keep you full for long. They also pair well with espresso or all types of coffee that you like to drink in the morning.

Whether you like cheesy scrambled eggs or one with veggies, it will surely go well with your coffee.

9. Coffee cakes

You can pair any cake with coffee and it will be a heavenly combination. However, try pairing a coffee cake with your morning cup of joe. Coffee cakes are best when you eat them with coffee as the dry cake goes well with the beverage.

Keep enjoying coffee with these incredible food items!

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