Top 7 Ways to Keep Your Weed Fresh and Potent

Wondering how to store your smoke so that it doesn’t go off? Moldy weed is a real problem, and this is how you avoid it.

Storing your weed represents a problem all of its own. If you are new to the world of marijuana, then you might make the mistake of leaving it lying on a tray and notice that it goes crispy. Similarly, if you store it somewhere with condensation, it’s going to get wet.

Storing your weed effectively presents you wasting your money or having to use bad weed. Here are the 7 best ways to store it to make it last.

The 7 Best Ways to Store your Weed

Looking to store your weed so it doesn’t go stale? Here’s how.

1 – The Airtight Jar

When you buy weed online in Canada and the USA, you need somewhere to store it. Most pros will use an airtight jar for this. Why? It keeps both the terpenes and the weed safe. This means you can’t smell it when you walk into the room. Airtight jars are used to cure weed, meaning that it helps to preserve crystallization and keef. The airtight jar both cures and stores.

2 – The Sealed Baggy

You may have noticed black market weed was always sold in a sealed baggy. This soaks some of the smell and stops it getting lost but doesn’t do much else. Nowadays, there are smell proof zip-locked baggies that do a much better job. If doing this for long term storage, it is commonplace to vacuum seal it.

3 – The Air Out

If you buy bad weed from a disreputable seller, the best thing you can do is air it out for a while. Besides the worry of not knowing where it came from, damp weed will go moldy if left unchecked. Worse, damp weed hasn’t been cured and will lack in crystallization. Without the crystal dust, the weed is less potent. Dry it out on a piece of paper and leave it at room temperature, then store it in a jar to crystalize.

4 – The Grinder Lid

There are grinders that come with removable portions so that you can carry your smoke inside your herb grinder. These are handy if you need to take a small amount to a party or carry just a little.

5 – The Rolling Tin

We don’t like the idea of metal storage containers for smoke. Similarly, plastic is OK but glass is better. In terms of rolling tins, some of the best you can buy are wooden boxes. They will absorb any moisture in the weed while it is in there. Many people will store smoke in a glass jar then transfer it to their wooden rolling box when it’s ready to be used.

6 – Stash Containers

Stash containers are fun and cool to use for the novelty of it. In the old days, pros would use them to disguise weed hiding places from their parents. You can get cans of pop or beer that are hollowed out as containers, clocks with storage compartments, and even fake sockets.

7 – Humidity Pouches

The temperature and the humidity in the air can seriously impact how long you are able to store cannabis for. Humidity packets or pouches are specially designed to control the humidity inside the baggy. They can be used safely for long term storage, no matter the climate. We would recommend keeping them inside a glass jar just to be doubly sure when storing your hash canada.

Stuck for anything good?

Look at the coffee you are drinking. If it comes in an airtight glass jar, this could be your answer. A glass jelly or honey jar makes a good free storage jar for weed, too.

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