Top 7 Ways to Improve Home Security in 2022

There are numerous different ways that you can improve your home security. Some of these you can do yourself for little or no cost while others will need the assistance of a locksmiths.

With the recent spate of break-ins across Melbourne, now is the time to be thinking about and advance your home security.

With that in mind here are 7 ways to improve home security, from DIY alternatives to those which require expert locksmith Melbourne services.

Tips to increase security while you’re on holiday

  1. If you’re going on vacation for a while, make sure you suspend any paper carriages and redirect the mail to a trustworthy friend so there aren’t any clear signs someone is away.
  2. Use smart LED lights to make it look as though someone is at home in the evenings.
  3. Have a neighbour look after your yard by trimming the lawn.
  4. Don’t post on social media about no-one presence home.
  5. Get a smart security camera and doorbell so you can see if anyone approaches to your door.

Use your locks

More often than you think, thieves get into a home by just opening the front door which has been left unlocked. So make sure you use your locks system. All of them. Yes, even is possible in all rooms in your home.

Whether you’re home or not, if a door is closed it should be locked. You should get into the routine of leaving everything locked and checking that the front door is locked late you when you go out.

Put locks on your windows

Windows are often targeted as entry points for thieves. These weak spaces are often left unsecured, granting easy access even though other areas may be strongly secured. Aluminium Window locks not only bar robbers from entry but are also easily visible, depressing burglars from targeting your home.

Push locks are a common option for securing windows as they’re quick and easy to control. They can be close-fitting and installed on many types of windows and are also simply re-keyed. For added security, property owners can also contemplate a bolt window lock with a deadlocking bar and thief deterrent one-way screw.

Upgrade your locks

Even if you have locks on all of your possible entry points, some of them may be effortlessly broken with physical force. This is more likely to be the instance with windows.
Simply upgrading your Aluminium door and windows locks to some with heavy-duty construction and modern designs could help to stop a robber in their tracks.

Security cameras

Security cameras are a powerful warning to burglars, but they can also help defend your property in other ways as well.
The recording from your cameras can assist in a police enquiry and may even help you get your properties back. Not only that, but with modern cameras, you can vision live video footage from your property. So If you see someone breaking in while you’re out, you can call the police directly.

Access control systems

Installing an access control system is the best way to improve your home security. An all-inclusive access control system can integrate several different products reliant on the requirements of you and your property.

Access control products include electronic locks, security cameras, alarm systems and more. The trick is to find an expert locksmith Melbourne who can help you determine what your property needs and design your system from the ground up.

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