Top 6 Places to See Snowfall in India

Very few places in India witness snowfall as the country is known for its humid weather, but sometimes the weather can be so scorching that one might get frustrated. Everyone in India is crazy about snowfall; just by hearing about snowfall, a beaming smile comes onto the face of every Indian. If something can relieve the exhausting heat, it is snowfall. Every age group likes to see snowfall as it is a majestic view of nature. If you are wondering what are the top places in India to enjoy snowfall, then you are in the right place. Let’s explore the top places in India that provide a scintillating snowfall experience.


Whenever we think of Snowfall, Manali is the first thing that comes to mind because it is a popular tourist location. Manali travel packages are so intriguing because the place has much to offer. You can go skiing, trekking, paragliding, and more around the Snow to enjoy the mesmerizing view. Going to Manali and making snowballs turns grown-up adults into kids and makes their vacation fun and exciting.


If there is heaven on earth, then it is Kashmir. Kashmir is blessed to have snowfall every year, and the atmosphere around that time is majestic. You can’t take your eyes off the view and enjoy every second in that place. Seeing lakes get frozen is rare, but in Kashmir, everything is possible as the place turns into a Fairyland. The snowy landscape is picture-perfect and is a sight that stays with us forever.


Not only one gets to witness magnificent Snowfall in Shimla, but one also gets to have a look at interesting architecture. During winter, every street in Shimla turns into a tourist location as the entire place is covered with Snow. Mall Road is one of the best places to visit in Shimla during Snowfall because shopping while walking on Snow is an experience every traveler wants. Trekking, ice skating, river rafting, paragliding are some of the best things to do in Shimla.


The popular Pangong Lake in Ladakh, famous for its bright blue color, freezes completely when snowfall occurs in Ladakh. Visiting Ladakh for Snowfall will be the best decision you will ever take because the place gets covered in Snow so much that even the roads are not spared. So if you feel like light snowfall is not that satisfying to watch, Ladakh will fulfill all your desires with Snow. The Himalayas surround the place, so one gets to see the Himalayas covered with Snow while enjoying the terrific chilling weather in Ladakh. The best part about visiting Ladakh is that the majority of the year, it is covered with Snow, so you can enjoy the snowfall whenever you want, and you aren’t forced to wait for a limited time.


If you want to enjoy snowfall from a bit higher than Kufri is the location you cannot miss out. There are so many things to do in Kufri, such as sports activities and visiting various mountain peaks, that one can never get bored of the place. The thrill one gets while ice skating, Skiing, Trekking, camping, ziplining, and much more in the dense Snow of Kufri is unimaginable.


If I tell you that you can also enjoy the mesmerizing Snowfall in South India, you won’t believe me because southern India is highly humid and hot. But the unbelievable fact is that you can enjoy Snowfall in South India. Lambasingi is the only place in south India where Snow falls. If you live in south India and are a fan of snowfall, then you don’t need to go to northern India, as you can enjoy beautiful Snowfall in Lambasingi, which is just 100 kilometers away from Andhra Pradesh.


Whether it is Manali, Kashmir, Shimla, Ladakh, or Kufri, every place offers a unique experience with snowfall that will top your expectations. These locations have a record of never disappointing any traveler looking for immense snowfall.

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