Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends In 2023

Digital marketing trends change every year, and new ones are added now and then. And, sometimes it becomes hard to keep up with these trends. So, here are the top 6 digital marketing trends in 2023 you should look for!

1. Live Streaming Can be an Effective Medium

Live streaming is rising in vogue due to the increased use of social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., which gives you the option for live video streaming. In 2023, this will become even more favored as many companies and businesses adopt this trend. So, this can be an effective medium to reach target audiences.

Also, according to stats, users spent over 5 hundred billion hrs streaming online content. Live streaming makes influencer marketing more effective as it allows potential clients to get straight with influencers who describe your products first-hand.

2. Chatbot and AI Adoption

Chatbots have also become a popular trend in the last few years. Chatbots can respond to customers’ queries and solve their problems to some extent. Also, embedding AI technology in the chatbot can increase its functionality even further. Therefore, you should take a look at this trend and see if you can use it to the advantage of your online business.

Besides this, AI can understand, adapt, and mimics human intelligence and behavior to deliver more precise and practical outcomes. By embedding AI technologies, businesses can provide their clients with a richer and more personalized buying experience. There are lots of areas in the online business where you can utilize AI technology, such as AI-based product recommendations, site search, forecasting, and marketing.

3. Personalized marketing

In 2022, personalized recommendation marketing has already shown its effectiveness in drawing customers’ attention. Due to high competition, consumers are very fond of personalized experiences. In retort to these recommendations, businesses will need to gather info on their shoppers and utilize it to develop personalized marketing campaigns rather than use this info for the same old coupons or email marketing.

So, it is not farfetched to claim that in 2023, personalized recommendations will be more important than ever. This data-driven approach to marketing has been used by marketing agencies like Morningtrain for a while now, but we can see this trend spreading to many companies both big and small.

Furthermore, you will have to adapt to new info fast to stay relevant. It would not be nearly enough for you to run simple marketing campaigns only; your campaigns also need to be up to date as their content is punctual and relevant. To make it more efficient, you will require AI-driven marketing platforms that can work flawlessly with your strategies. This way, your marketing strategies can automatically adapt the content based on real-time data of the shoppers, making a personalized recommendation experience more precious.

4. Enhanced User Experience

User experience has always been a crucial factor and continues to be dominant in 2023 as well. Your website layout and design will be a crucial factor here, from generating leads to increasing web traffic. As for now, keep your theme as minimalistic as possible with responsive navigation. You should not dazzle users with all the details at once on the main landing page. Also, it is necessary to improve your site for mobile phones since billions of users worldwide access the website through their phones.

Besides this, there are other segments of user experience as well that you should try to improve on your website. This include minimal design without the regular banner ads and pop-ups, embedding video content, AI-based voice search, and scrollytelling in which the story goes forward as users scroll down a page.

5. User-Generated Content

User-generated content is another emerging trend in digital marketing. Unlike conventional Ads or paid video content that marketers make, User-generated content is made by customers rather than ad companies. Some companies have taken benefit of this type of content in form of unboxing videos, reviews, etc.

This way, UGC content lets your company be seen by new viewers and makes a more biased connection with existing clients. This strategy can take authenticity one step further. Clients probably trust user-generated content more compared to ads made by companies. So, you better not miss out on this trend in 2023.

6. Social Media and Marketing Automation

Social media marketing and marketing automation are the prevailing trends, and they will continue to dominate in near future. It is one of the finest ways to start relationships with new clients & buyers and harbour a promising one with the current clients. Both major and small online businesses and stores use this trend to boost brand awareness and audience engagement. Popular social media networks, including FB and Instagram, allow consumers and enterprises to proactively interact and share information with each other.

Besides social media marketing, marketing automation is perfect for automating everyday tasks such as ads, outreach, email marketing, etc., under the marketing process. It involves the process of analysing customer data on their buying journey and creating personalized messages for them. This makes it easier to nurture leads to sales and boosts customer engagement and conversion rates. Follow-up emails for the abandoned cart are an example of email marketing automation to remind customers that they haven’t completed the transaction.


New digital marketing trends are born to give a different type of experience from day-to-day online businesses. These trends may suit various aspects of online business. Most of these trends are aimed at matching customer needs in the best possible way. Which one are you trying out in 2023?

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