Top 5 Virtual Classroom Management Tips

Online teaching has now become the new normal. The advancements in technology along with the surge in COVID-19 cases have made it the need of the hour. Since students of this generation are much advanced in terms of handling electronic gadgets and devices, they don’t face much problem in dealing with the technicalities of virtual classrooms.

Often, it is the teachers who struggle with managing the virtual classrooms. To teach online might be an easy task, but ensuring that the students are actively participating in the class and if they are answering questions is important.

No matter if you are new to your profession or have enormous experience in teaching, the following tips are going to help you a lot in organizing and managing an interactive virtual classroom.

Top 5 Virtual Classroom Management Tips

Tip #1: Maintaining A Dress Code

Most of the students tend to wear just tees and pajamas, as they are not having to step outside of the home. You can set up a proper dress code to make the students feel the importance of online classes and to prove the fact to them that, just like in-face classes, virtual classes also need to be attended by putting on a formal appearance.

Tip #2:  Setting Up A Proper Schedule

Students find it easier to participate in online learning when they can predict the educators’ way of teaching. Therefore, establish a proper routine so that the students know what to expect. For instance, if you want to begin the virtual classroom by checking the previous day’s homework of the students, try to do it every day. If you ask the students questions on the already taught lessons at the end of the class, do it every day. In this way, the students will be prepared regarding what is to come.

Tip #3: Encourage The Students To Participate And Increase Interaction Among Themselves

In a virtual classroom, it is very crucial that you encourage all the students of the class to take part in the class discussions. Make them ask questions to each other and ask the students themselves to answer their friends’ queries. Create breakout rooms and encourage teamwork by assigning the projects to respective student groups.

Start asking questions to the students all of a sudden. This will help you understand who was really paying attention and who was just sitting there in a distracted state of mind. Encourage debate among the students to know how well they have understood the concepts.

The best idea is to notice which students are most active in the class. Point out the quiet learners and encourage them to participate more in the class. Ensure the prevalence of healthy competition among the students.

Tip #4: Give The Students Recognition In Their Achievements

Students love receiving praises and awards. Recognizing their good work encourages them to work harder. Acknowledge their role and good performance so that their morale is boosted. In this way, they will be motivated to put more effort into studying and interact in the classroom more actively.

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Tip #5: Teach The Students To Consider The Webcam As A Person

Online classroom doesn’t imply muting the video and audio and just sit there doing some other thing. Disengagement is fatal for the students as they will fail to understand the topics further. However, tiring it might be to sit in front of the screen in the same position the whole day, this decorum must be maintained in virtual classrooms. Make it a rule that switching ‘on’ the video is a must.

Maintaining proper eye contact with each other is essential. Ask them to smile more often and behave politely with each other. Switching off the video and snoring away is a dangerous proposition. That is why establishing the importance of using the webcam is essential.

Tip #6: Maintain An Environment Of Friendliness In The Class

Create an environment of friendliness and joviality in the classroom. Don’t act too strict or too lax either. Rather than scolding or punishing the students, maintain a positive aura in the virtual classroom. Be friendly with them yet maintain a firm attitude to ensure the students take you seriously but don’t get too scared of you.


Wield these virtual classroom management tips from today to get the best performance from your students.

Managing virtual classrooms and making online teaching interesting is essential to ensure the students pay full attention to the class.

Start executing these strategies and see what results you get!

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