Top 5 Photography Tips For Gorilla Trekking Rwanda That You Ought To Know

Even though you will experience different types of exotic wildlife in Rwanda, nothing compares to the attraction of the mountain gorillas out there. It is a privilege to witness these majestic creatures roaming freely in their natural habitat. There is no doubt that we will bear the memories of this experience for a long time to come. Some individuals prefer to capture interesting photographs of these gorillas while coming close to them.

One might be required to face some challenges while getting the job done. For this, you need to be aware of the present climatic situations and should also have a good knowledge of the whereabouts of the gorillas. In this comprehensive guide, we have shared with you some photography tips that you can implement during your gorilla trekking Rwanda tour. Therefore, do not waste any moment and go through these guidelines from start to finish.

1. Get prepared for success

It’ll be advisable for you to bring with you a DSLR camera featuring a powerful zoom lens. When it comes to accessories, pack memory cards, a water-resistant camera bag, and additional batteries. A robust tripod can improve sharpness when the illumination is less. On the other hand, it is possible to reduce glare and safeguard your lens by using a lens hood. Among the essential extras, you can bring with you robust hiking boots, raingear, as well as insect repellent during your gorilla trekking Rwanda quest.

2. Mastering the light

It is possible for direct sunlight to create shadows and also wash out details. Make sure to go for forest clearings or cloudy days when the illumination is soft and flattering because of sunlight filtering via the foliage.

It is a fact that you cannot avoid low-light conditions during your gorilla trekking Rwanda quest. In such cases, it’ll be a sane idea to experiment with higher ISO settings. At the same time, it’ll be imperative to maintain acceptable sound levels. Improved ISO performance can be expected from a more recent camera available on the market.

It’ll not be suggested for you to depend on auto modes since it can result in missed opportunities. Make it a point to master the manual settings to get creative control and optimum exposure.

3. Composing for impact

It’ll be a sensible idea to sit or kneel down when you want to capture the perspective of the gorillas. It will likewise make the gorilla stand out by improving the background blur. Apart from this, isolate the powerful form or the expressive face of the gorilla by zooming in. Do not hesitate to crop tightly for a dramatic effect in post-processing.

Also, try to think beyond the face. Incorporate environmental elements such as the munching of bamboo shoots or playful interactions among the group members. Apart from this, try your best to anticipate the movement of these creatures during your gorilla trekking Rwanda trip. It is a fact that gorillas do not usually remain still, even for a short time. Focus on the body language of the gorillas and try to predict their subsequent movements to capture interesting action shots.

4. Respectful photography

Bear in mind not to use the flash because it might scare the gorillas and make them distracted. In such situations is possible for their behavior to become disrupted. Make use of the natural light capabilities of your camera to get the best results.

Also, do not forget to maintain distance. It is compulsory to maintain a distance of seven meters between you and the gorilla. Take the help of your guide for further guidance in this particular subject.

Next, refrain from making loud noise. As a matter of fact, camera clicks and loud noises can disturb these creatures during your gorilla trekking Rwanda trip. Try to maintain silence and make use of the silent shutter modes if possible.

Emphasize conservation while depicting the attractiveness and vulnerability of these creatures which are already endangered. Be aware of their habitat protection, as well as responsible tourism practices.

5. Beyond the technical

Although it is tempting to capture photographs and videos, always make sure to enjoy your experience more than anything else during your safari Tanzania, as well as Rwanda. Get rid of your camera from time to time and try to connect with these gorillas from close. Observe their interactions, behavior, as well as communication during your gorilla trekking Rwanda journey. Comprehend the complicated social structure of these animals along with a subtle balance of their ecosystem.

Make it a point to edit the photographs ethically without manipulating or exaggerating. Emphasize the natural attraction of the gorillas and stay away from overstating their behavior.


So, get set to pack your camera and capture the magic of these amazing gorillas while you are in Rwanda. There is no doubt that your photographs are going to become an asset with the proper preparation and respect. These will turn out to be the powerful voices for these attractive ambassadors of the wilderness that you have come across during your gorilla trekking Rwanda quest.

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