Top 5 Best Hair Growth Solutions

Hair loss can be an extremely distressing experience for both men and women. Many people thoroughly enjoy having a thick, healthy head of hair, and watching that hair slowly thin or recede can be very difficult on an emotional level. Plus, figuring out the exact reason for your hair loss can be stressful in itself. Do I have a genetic predisposition? Is excessive stress the culprit? Is my hair loss a symptom of an underlying health condition?

If you’re experiencing hair loss, the first thing to do is to try not to stress about it too much. This could possibly even make it worse! Talk to your doctor about what exactly could be causing your hair loss and devise a plan of action to keep your hair looking great. If your hair loss is caused by a medical condition or happens to be a side effect of a specific medication, your doctor will have to take the reins on that one. However, if you find that your hair loss might be related to a genetic predisposition, there is a wide variety of products you can try that are clinically tested and proven to reap results.

Ready to get your hair back to its former glory? Here are the top 5 best hair growth solutions for those experiencing genetic hair loss and hair thinning.

Laser hair caps.

For many people looking to slow or stop their hair loss, having an option that’s completely non-surgical and requires no medication whatsoever can be very valuable. Laser hair caps are extremely easy to use and can even be worn while running errands, getting work done, or anything else you need or want to do throughout your day.

Using the technology of low-level light therapy, laser hair caps stimulate the hair follicles and increase healthy blood flow to the scalp. Not only do these caps help to slow and even stop the progression of hair loss, they support new hair growth too!

DHT blocking hair products.

In case you weren’t aware, one of the most significant hormones involved in genetic hair loss and hair thinning is called DHT. While this hormone supports hair health in normal quantities, it’s known to cause hair loss when it becomes overproduced, which a predisposition to genetic hair loss will cause it to do. Specifically, the hair’s natural growth phase will become shortened, causing the resting phase to lengthen abnormally and hair’s maximum length to be reduced.

There are several products specifically designed to inhibit the body’s production of DHT including shampoos and vitamins. DHT blocking shampoo contains a variety of all-natural ingredients that are known to block DHT production including zinc PCA, green tea, and kapilarine. Healthier, softer hair is an added bonus you can expect from using DHT blocking shampoo as well. DHT blocking vitamins also contain several healthy ingredients that can help to reduce DHT levels including saw palmetto, horsetail extract, and zinc. 

Biotin gummies.

A healthy, balanced diet is crucial when it comes to maintaining hair health and encouraging hair growth. However, did you know that one vitamin in particular is crucial for a healthy head of hair? Biotin is commonly known as the hair, skin, and nails vitamin, as a deficiency in this particular substance can cause thinning, brittle hair in addition to undernourished skin and easily breakable nails.

Unlike other vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, healthy levels of biotin can be difficult to achieve through diet alone. That’s where biotin gummies come in. These gummies contain high levels of biotin as well as other healthy compounds like coconut oil and elderberry, supporting hair health from the inside out in the form of a daily sweet snack.

Over-the-counter medication.

The two most common types of hair loss medications are finasteride, which comes in pill form, and minoxidil, which comes as a topical cream or gel. Though minoxidil is always available over the counter, finasteride often requires a prescription. These medications are known to provide great results in terms of slowing hair loss but are not designed to support new hair growth.

Hair transplantation surgery. 

If your hair loss has progressed to the point of baldness, you may want to consider hair transplantation surgery. This procedure relocates healthy hair follicles from the back of the head to the balding area, supporting new hair growth in that area. Though this surgery can yield immediate and lasting results, it can cost upwards of $10,000 for the procedure and follow-up appointments and is not covered by most health insurance companies.

There are many hair loss solutions. Starting with laser caps and supplements can help save you thousands of dollars to restore your hair.

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