Top 3 Pet Lizards 2021

There are dozens of lizards that you can choose from to own and they can vary greatly in regards to their size, care needs, cost, and temperament. The best pet lizards are the ones that provide the best overall experience which is determined by all those factors put together. Here are the hands-down top 3 pet lizards of 2021 and the ones you might want to consider buying for your next pet.

Bearded Dragon

Also known as “beardies”, bearded dragons are the world’s most popular pet lizards and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. They are widely beloved by beginners and experts for both their personality and simple care requirements. 

Despite being cold-blooded, bearded dragons are some of the cuddliest of reptiles thanks to their above-average intelligence. With the ability to recognize their owners, form positive associations and attachments, they are leaps and bounds more affectionate than your average lizard. 

But more impressively (and the main reason why bearded dragons are number one on our list) is that their intelligence also gives them the ability to learn tricks. Many of their owners have taught them to recognize their name, to come when called, or go for walks. Moreover, can also be a great source to learn about some useful tips on keeping a pet lizard.

Leopard Gecko

It’s impossible to deny the power of cuteness—which is precisely why leopard geckos continue to stay at the top of the popularity charts. Even though they’re beginner-friendly, they’re fun for all experiences levels and ages. One of the more social of lizards, they are very mild-mannered and are comfortable with frequent handling by their owners (a rarity amongst most reptiles).. 

Logistically, leopard geckos are straightforward to keep and care for. They’re small, typically only 6-8 inches in length, which makes it easy to accommodate no matter how small your living situation might be. Fun fact, unlike other geckos, leopard geckos lack the sticky-toe pads others of their species possess so they’re not big climbers. 

Blue-Tongued Skink

The third—but by no means the last—lizard on the list is the blue-tongued skink. It’s famous colored tongue isn’t an evolutionary gimmick, but a defense mechanism for life in its native Oceania. Funny appearance aside, these skinks have a lot to offer. One of the biggest common pet lizards, they have the personality to match and are known to be very vocal. They’re one of the few reptiles that can vocalize, an ability they use to indicate when they’re hungry, agitated, or wanting snuggles.

Blue-tongued skinks also boast an above-average intelligence which is sometimes their behavior is compared to that of a scaly puppy (Aw!). Owners who have the patience to befriend these gentle giants will find themselves with a docile and friendly lizard that’s fun to own and full of surprises. 

Where To Buy Lizards As Pets

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