Top 10 Money Earning Games in India in 2022

Do you love to play games? Do you know you can earn money while playing games? If you are a game lover and want to earn money while playing it, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of the top 10 money-earning games in India that will fetch you some good bucks on your gaming skills. Trust me, gaming is a game of skills and not mere luck. So, play games to get rid of your stress, have fun, and earn money simultaneously.

1. Ludo with Friends

Did you ever think you could make money by playing Ludo? Well, now you can! Ludo with Friends gives you the chance to play Ludo with players worldwide. Tournaments and battles are going on daily. Participate in them to win cash rewards.

2. Bubble Wipeout

You just need to shoot bubbles of the same color to win the game. Pass levels, and once you make good scores, you can win cash.

3. Carrom Hero

Playing carrom offers you a good monetary reward. Participate in carom tournaments and battles. Pot the tokens along with the queen, and you will win the match.

4. Go Chicken Go

You only have to ensure that the chickens cross the road without getting hurt. Keep a check because the traffic is crazy, and any wrong move could lead to an accident. Complete the game and win a cash prize.

5. Fruit Chop

If you love Fruit Ninja, then you will surely enjoy Fruit Chop. The game also offers you a monetary incentive. You can slice as many fruits as you want and win cash. The amount won is withdrawn through Paytm.

6. Tic Tac Toe

The basic board game is knots and zeros will help you win a good cash reward. Participate in battles and play against players to win and earn money.

7. Bottle Shoot

You have to shoot bottles while they are coming to you. Make sure you aim and shoot at the level. And keep an eye on the red one. There are battles going on, so this is your chance if you want to play for money.

8. Snakes and Ladders

The conventional game is now available with a cash reward. All you need to do is roll the dice and move your token. And if you reach 100 first, you’re the winner. The full prize money is yours.

9. Cricket Gunda

If you are a fan of fantasy cricket, then worry not. You can also play cricket and win money. Play Cricket Gunda and score more than your rival team to win cash.

10. Chess Grandmaster

If you love Chess, it can make you win good money. Participate in chess battles with players from around the world. Win the game to get the cash rewards.

These are some online money games that can help you make easy money. Obviously, you like to play games to eliminate stress; why not use money as an incentive. So, enjoy these money-earning games and win good cash rewards easily.

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